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In The Poultry Yard

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Bnt for hav!:s. owls and other ene mies comparativa peace wonld reign in the poultry yard, A North Carolin correspondent of the New York World faas devised a plan for protecting tn ponltry and iweful birds as well which be describes as follows: Talie au ordiuary bird cage and place therein a chicken, preferably a white one. ubont lialf growu. Then place tha cage on top of' a stake about three feet high oear the outskirta of the poultry yard. or near some dead tree on which hawks usual ly perch. Next drive three or four stakes near the cage, the tops of a portion tbertof being a little abov the top of the cage and the residu about level with the bottom. Now place a steel trap that is sufficiently large to catch high on the foot of the ha wit (au ordinary rat trap is too Binall] on top of each stake and you are ready for business. When a hawk or owl beconies trapped otliers will be attracted. and thns two or inore can frequently be taken. Henee the necessity for employing severa! traps, preferably about four In lieu of the bird cage a cage constmcteil of twine, lenit like a seine and properly snpported by a frame and bottom board, uiay be etnployed. 1 used one oi' this kincl and found it very effective, taking in a short time quite a miraber of hawks. I lost a large hawk by reason of the trap (a rat trap) being too small, capturing as a trophya single toe only that was wrung off and left in the trap. 1 employed as a bait two or tliree partridges at a time, but vrben sbnt up iu a cage they aoon get to be very qniet seeming to have a Uread of the hawks A chicken would íloubtless be inore restless, and as a fesult would attrac' the ittention of hawks sooner and con seqnently answer a better purpose. Two or more chickens may be used. Al the material emplo}red in constructing the cage. stakes, etc., shonld, as far ai practicable, be ol' a natural color, say a lead color. Whether partridges orchick ensbe employed as a bait they mnst be properly provided with food and water For foxes. minks, weasels, etc., the cage and traps shonld be placed on the grotmd. 1 have never espenmented ta see liow placing on the ground won Id answer for hawks, owls, etc.


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