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A Theory Concerning Wheat Growth

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ah mteresnng tneory nas Deen published by Professor Bidard, secretary oí the Central Agrien ltural society of Seine, Frailee. He divides the stages of wheat growth iuto the following periods: Gennination, which will take place at a tempera ture of 40 to 45 degs. The rudinu'titary spike formed at germination is proteeted by a sheath of five leaVes. and the development of these leaves and the stalk will take a teniperature of np to (0 degs. to earry it through. The really critical period of wheat growth is the stage of fecundation. M. Bidard uiaintaina tbat a tempera ture of at least 70 degs. is necessary for the lateral opening of the anthera sufficiently wide to allow the absorption of the pollen, or fine dust that consumrnates the act of fecundation. 1 f' the temperature falls below 70 degs.. and especial])' if it comes on to rain, the anthers vrill not open, and should the unfavorable conditions be maintained for a little time a large nmnber of the spikes will abort and there will be no fertilizaron. If the temperature is favorable the fertilization is completed in a few minutes at most, and that procesa once aceomplished, the harvest is pretty certain, as the iiext stage of maturing may be reckoued npon even though the weather may be far from propitious. By watching at the critical period a careful observer may fortn a very shrewd guesa froni the atnount of bloom that has been properly formed on the heads what sort of a harvest is lilcely to follow.


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