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Splitting And Setting Posts

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Meehau, in his illustrated Monthly remitida readers that it is the attempt to split a thiug against the gram which makes splitting difficult. Those who make hoops lor barrels split the pole in order to inake them. but they do not connnence vrith the top or slender portion of the pole and split downward. They could iiot dothis; but by taking the thicker end and working from the thick to the thin 110 trouble is found - the pole splits easily. Also in cutting wood, the expert axman knows that he gets along nicely by startiug at the thickest end. Still further. this hint can be nsefnlly applied in planting i'ence posts. While the sap of a tree ascends easily by fo!lowing the forked upward channels it cannot so easily descend. By planting a post, therefore. upside down- tbat is to say in a contrary direction to which the tree grows - moistnre will not be drawn upward neai-ly as easily as when the post is planted in the other direction. An inverted post, therefore, will last nearly doublé the time without rotting that one will do set without regard to this principie.


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