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Living Whist

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"Living Whist" is an entertainment consisting of thirty character and fancy dances, introduced in a game of whist in which the cards are represented by ladies and gentlemen, in all 57 people are necessary, 52 cards, the joker and four players. The following dances take place, after the grand entree of the players and cards: Discarding the joker, dance, "La Troyliar"; the shuffle, the cut, the dea], dance Polka Comique; cadet waltz, Fiaunlist, dance from May Queen, Hungarian; Aurora, Harvard Gavottef.Hornpipe, Santiago May Queen, The Davenport, La Fascination, The Majestic Polonaise, Coquette, Royal Gavotte, Combination Uance, Berlin Riveulet, Highland Fling. Pirrouette, Harvard, and the Lone Fisherman's dance from Evangeline. Irish Tilt, Skirt Dance,and Fisher's Hornpipe, solos by the jacks. The ace cards do a dance on the serpentine order "La Serenata." The four jacks do a comic Essence and the kings and queens the "Minuet". THE CARDS. Miss Bertram Dunster, Miss Josephine J. Hyde, Miss Genevieve Cornwell, Miss Elizabeth W. Moore, Helen E. Douglas, Bessie M. Dunster, Dinx Dunster, Esttus Rich, Mary E. Duffy, Maud B. Bidell, Ethal Thompson, Genevieve K. Duffy, Mary Jaycox, Mary Beagle, Annie Richardson, Jeannette Gardner, Alice Beckwith, Bessie L. Beckwith, Hattie Cornwell, Margaret Douglas, May B. Cooley, Grace G. Millard, Lydia C. Condón, Helen Douglas, Frill Becwith, Lillian Thompson, Bradley F. Granger, Robert M. Widernann, Samuel S. Harris, T. B. Cooley, Howard E. Chickering, D. L. Quirk, jr., Jas. J. Breakey, G. F. Clark, jr., Jas. J. Quarry, E. H. Warren, F. J. Cornwell, Harry E. Caudler.F. C. Smith, John C. Condón, Henry M. Senter, C. C. McPherran, S. D. Kinne, F. R. Gilchrist, E. C. Beek, Cari Miner, Ransom G. George, Wm. A. Spitzley, C. W. Sencenbaugh, D. R. Barlow, Bert S. Varian, Mr. Natinger, Mr. Prentis, Fred C. McOmber, J. B. Wiley, Cari Worden, John Duffy. The patronesses are: Mrs. James B. Angell, Mrs. P. R. dePont, Mrs. Brandly M. Thompson, Mrs. Charles B. Nancrede, Mrs. John Condón, Mrs. S. W. Beakes, Mrs. Philip Bach, Mrs. Rebecca Dunster, Mrs. James Clements, Mrs. Chester R. Bond, Mrs. Charles E. Green, Mrs. Dr. Doek. Mr. Frank Minnis' Society Orchestra will furnish the music including Paderewski's "Minuet." Mrs. D. M. Tyler Pianist. "Living Whist" will be giren under the direction of Ross Granger.