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Tricks Of Trade

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The (langer to the public from the indiserimiuate use of the many lime and aluin baking powdersof commerce has so fully exposed tüat everybody desires to avoid them. As "forewapied is forearmed," housekeepers wül thank us for apprising them of the special efforts at present being made to dispose of sucli powders in this vicinity. ïhe proprietors of some of these impure powders are novv going from house to house, trying by meaus of a trick, or so-called test with heat and water, to show that their article is better than the one found in use in the house, the object being, of course, to supply their own goods in place of those which housekeepers have for so many years relied upon to puff up the morning biscuit, and to make the light, palatable, and wholesome roll, cake and pastry. The housekeeper will do well to be on her guard against these baking powder tramps. Every intelligent person knows that any goods peddled from house to house in this marnier or that are giveu away in samples or sought to be introduced by secretly traducing the character of other goods well known to be pure and reliable, have no merits of their own, and have failed to find purchasers through legitímate means.


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