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Those Saline Burglaries

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Depnty Sheriff John Gillen, of Saline, this niorning put Koy Briggs, the 15 years oíd son of Silas Briggs, residing four miles south of Saline, into jail pending examination. Officer Gillen has been working on the many burglaries eommitted in Saline during the past winter and on Monday evening he went to the Briggs farm and found articles stolen from Daniel Mssley's store in the barn. He then went to the house and had Mr. Briggs awaken hisson, who (it _is reported) confessed to seven burglaries. They then went to the barn to flnd more plunder, when young Briggs]went in betweeu the horses and pulling from the straw a loaded revolver, pointed it at Officer Gillen, with the remark, "Now, I've got you." Mr. Gillen jumped ou him, aud grasping the boy by the collar, wrenched the revolver from nis hand and put handcuffs on him. Among the goods found were three revolvers, one doublé barrelled shot gun, aNo. 22 target riñe, a lot of cartridges, four or five boxes of cigars, 100 poiuids of plug tobáceo, 30 or 40 pounds of fine cut, 46 pocket knives, and a can of gun-powder. The examination will be held before Justice Webb. The boy has heretofore borne a good character, and Lis parents are much respected. He never was away trom home until this winter, when he attended the Saline schools. His actions cannot be explained, but it is thought by some people that he is non compos mentís.


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