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The Democratie County Convention met yesterday, with a good attendanc of representative men from all part of the county. The convention wa called to order by James R. Bach chairman of the county committee who called Ilon. Charles R. Whitmai to the chair. Frank 'O'Hearn was made secretary. The following com mittees were appointed: Credentiah-F. A. Howlett, George Palmer, Chris. Saley. Permanent Organization-T. P. Kearney, John Clark, George Pratt. Mesolutions-S. W. Beakes, John Gillen, Peter J. Lehman. The convention then took a recess for dinner. The convention reaasembled at two o'elock and the temporaryofficers were made permanent. The committee on credentials reported the following cielegates entitled to seats in the convention: V Ann Arbor Fcity, first ward- Jas. E. Bach, S. W. Beakes, J. Burg, W. W. Watts, B. F. Watts, G. Luiek, E. Wagner, J. F. Schuh. Second ward- Micliael Staebler, John Koch, Chris. Brenner, Fred Schleicher, Sid Millard, Paul Schall, E. Oesterlin. Third ward -Jas. Kearns, Wm. Clancy, M. J. Martin, Jacob Laubengayer, Wm. H. McIntyre, Chas. Dietas. Fourth ward- Chas. R. Whitman, F. A. Howlett, A. Brown, Chas. Dwyer, Wm. Miller, F. O'Hearn. Fifth ward- Amos Corey, H. Hardinghaus, Jas. Boyle. Sixth ward- T. D. Kearney, Ed. Duffy, W. L. Marquardt, X. G. Butts. Ann Arbor town-J. M.Braun, John O'Hara, J. F. Haas, Chas. Parshall, John Smith, C. F. Weideman. Augusta- F. J. Hammond, A. Gable, Chas.Doss, R. H. Gabel, Martin Breiuing, Albert Tedder, P. H. O'Brein. Bridgewater- Chris. Saley, F. Lohr, Pbil Blum, jr., Wm. Ilanke, Henry R. Palmer. Dexter- Jacob Jedele, Chris Lavey, John Clark. Freedom - Jacob Knapp, Michael Alber, Andrew Braun, Frank Koebbe. Lima- William Covert, John H. Wade, Fred Frey, E. Freer. Lodi- James Clough, Jas. Sage, Let Svveetland, Jacob Burkley, Phil Blum, John Grosshans. Lyndon - Andrew J. Boyce, Wm. Howlett, Geo. Lehman. Manchester- John Sheppler, W. Lahr, B. F. Wade, J. L. Miller, Thos. Holmes, Adam Woster, N. Schmid, E. Logan, John Dresselhouse, Wm. Kirehgessner. Northfield- Chris. Weber, Philip Duffy, P. S. Purtell, Jessie Steffee, D. Mayer, John Duiess. Pittsfield- Alfred J. Paul, Charles Roberts, John Feigel, Herman Rayer, Chas. Rose. Salem- P. H. Murray, G. V. N. Renwick, Tho3. Shankland, S. D. Chapín. Saline- Manly Young, John FKoebbe, Jolm Lutz, Geo.Smith, Myron Webb, Ort. Kelsey, F. E. Jones, John Gillen. Scio- A. T. Hughes, David Allmen dinger, Ilorner Moore, Chas Stebbins, Fretl Jeclele, E. F. Buss, Geo. W. Pratt, M. Jedele. Sharon- John J. llobison, John Alber, Arnold II. Kuhl, Wm. B. Osborn. Superior- M. J. Howard, D. Nanry, G. Stabler: Geo. Dolby, Win. Conners' Sylvau- G. W. Turnbull, J. Scliumaker, A. Foster, F.J.Kiggs, J. Riggs, M. Merkle, P. J. Lehman, M. Wakenhut, Wm, Hoppe jr., Jas. Hagen. Webster - Alex. Soulier, John Conlin, John Harris, Gottleib Bentz. York- F. Goldsmith, A. Davenport, J. Gauntlett, Geo. Coe, J. M. Clark, J. A. Jackson, Jas. Doyle, O. W. Sangree. Ypsilanti Town- G. A. Savory, Geo. E. Koberts, G. Crane, Daniel Fierce, A. J. Murray. Ypsilanti City, first ward- Larry Dugan, E. L. Batwell. J. W. Babbitt, Will Kirk, Geo. Palmer, Geo. Anient. Ypsilanti City, second ward- Dr. Pattison, F. P. Bogardus, W. W. Worden, Ziua Buck. Ypsilanti City, third ward- Fred W. Ilawkins, Tracy L. Towner, J.P. Kirk, Daniel Kirk, C. Yost. Ypsilanti City, fourth ward- Walter P. Beach, S. Hutchinson, John Uhl, M. B. Stebins. Ypsilanti City, fifth ward- Geo. A. Richel, Jacob Schmidt, John Wilbur, Wm. Smith, John Thumb. Signed, F. A. Howlbtt, Aun Albor, Cnuis Saust, Bridgewater, Geo. Palmei:, Ypsilanti. Committee. Chairrnan Wliitman made an eloquent speech in which lie expressed the gratificaron he feit in seeing before liim the enthusiastic faces of those who liad so long made Washtenaw the banner Democratie county. He remembered that it was eight yeara ago, follovving the election of Grover Cleveland, tliat Michigan gaye 30,000 democratie majority. It is gratifying to know that it is now in our hands to place Michigan where she ought to have been placed last fall. He referred tothemanifestation of partisanship by the republican legislature and augured democratie success. The report of the committee on resolutions was then presented, read and approved. The Demoerats of Washtenaw county in couvention assembled, reitérate their unswerving devotion to Democratie principies, and pledge their support to Democratie nominees We denounce tlie waste andextravagance shown by our state legislature in the creating of unnecessary offices to provide places for relatives of Kepublican legislators. We denounce the unseating of Senador Jordán, elected by an undisputed najority of 326 votes, on a flimsy pretext contrary to recent decisionsof the bupreme Court. We denounce the repeal of the Minor -iaw, which for the first time allowed ■he people of this congressional district o cast tlieir own vote for president. We cali attention to the evident inention of the Republican legislature :o repeal all laws, however meritorious. ;hat have been passed by a Democratie egislature. We congratúlate the country and urselves upon entering upon an era of Democratie government in the interest f the people, and we congratúlate the )emocrats of Washtenaw upon the act that this eounty has long borne the roud and well earned title of the baiier Democratie eounty of the state, a tle which each and every one of us ledge ourselves to do our best to rea in. S. W. Beakes, John Gillen, P. J. Lehman. S. W. Beakes presented the name of Martin J. Cavanaugli for county school commissioner, speaking of bis efficiency as a commissioner, his success in systematizing the school work and awakening an interest among the teachers of the couüty. Mr. Cavanaugh was nominated by acclamation and on being called before the convention, made a neat speech accepting the nomination. The following delegates were elected to the state and judicial conventions: State- At large, Chas. K. Whitman, John W. Babbitt, Edward Duffy. lst District, C. Dwyer, W. J. Miller, Eug. Oesterlin, Peter Lehman, M. J. Lehman, Philip Murray, T. D. Kearney, John Conlin, M. J. Braun. 2nd District, F. P. Bogardus, P. G. Sukey. 1'. Blum, M. T. Woodruff, J. J. ltobison, A. J. Murray, G. A. Savery, Geo. Bichel, A. Davenport. Judicial convention, at large- James E. Bach, T. A. Bogle, N. Schmid. First district- S. W. Beakes, J. F. Schuh, F. A. Ilowlett, Johji Wade. Frank O'IIearn, James Kiggs, S. W. Millard, Philip Duffy, Jacob Knapp. Second district- Wm. B. üsborne, L. M. Duggan, John Gilleu, John 1'. Kirk, Herman Keyer, Jos. Gauntlett, P. II. O'Brien, Geo. Palmer, Frank Jones. Mr. Marquardt introduced a resolution indorsing M. J. Lehman for circuit judge, and requesting the judicial delegation to use all honorable means to secure his nomination. A motion was made to table the resolution 011 the ground that no matter how strongly the delegation might favor such a nomination, as Washtenawhad twentyone delegates in the convention as against fourteen in Monroe, such instructions were equivalent to saying to Monroe you neednot send any delegates, the nomination is made. The motion to table was declared carried. but on the question as to whether the delegates understood thepurportof the motion, the convention divided to determine how they stood upon Mr. Marquardt's motion. Iustructions were lost, many of Mr. Lehman 's strongest supporters voting against instructions. The delegates present talked strongly in favor of extra exertions to pull a strong Democratie vote this year, and judging f rom the expressions hearcl Washtenaw will prove true to the democracy this spring.


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