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Byron Smith, of Milan, broke an arm by falling on the ice. The scarlet fever cases in Manchester are all recovering. Matthew Farrell, of Chelsea, died February 7, aged sixty years. It looks as if an order of Elks would be started in Ypsilanti. The building industry at Manchester is s"aid to be looking up. Bert Densmore, of Maple City, a former resident of Saline, is dead. The Neat House in Ywsilanti has been sold to a Mr. Clancy for $9,000. Nelson Chamberlain, of Ypsilanti, died Saturday last, aged seventy years. Supervisor Burtless, of Manchester, will build a new residence this spring. L. Silsbury, of Saline, feil on the ice in his yard last week and broke his hip. Charles Howlett will build a new house on his farm in Manchester township. The Chelsea Savings Bank had over $200,000 deposits the first of the month. Chas. Colé, while chopping wood near Manchester, had his knee badly cut. A colt belonging to William Hamilton, of Lima, slipped and feil upon him recently. It took a hundred pounds of brimstone to fumígate the Manchester high school building. G. W. Wilson has bought the home of Wm. Sheffield in Saline. Sheffield goes to Lainsburg. Among the icy accidents in Manchester recent!}' was that of Richard Weiss, who broke his wrist. There have been about twenty very mild cases of scarlet fever among the Normal students. Miss J. S. West, who has been teaching in Webster, has taken a position in the Milan schools. The ladies of the Ypsilanti Presbyterian church have pledged $3,000 towards a new church building. E. Jedele, of Dexter, recently purchased 191 lambs of Adin Cushing, which weighed 18,950 pounds. A Valentine social will be given at the residence of Hon. James L. Lowden, in Ypsilanti town, this evenir.g. A slab savv and the hand of Chet Rose carne into colusión at Whittaker, recently, and the hand got the worst of it. The Milan Leader says there are seven candidates for the post office in that village. They are beginning a little early. Now that Hudson, Lenawee Co., has become a city, a move is on foot to make a city out of little Dundee, Monroe county. Senator Morrow, of Lenawee, made himself solid with the Normal school boys, by advocating a gymnasium for them. The Ladies' brass band, of South Lyon, will toot no longer. After an existence of three short months it got short of wind. Wood, a colored cook in the Occidental House, Ypsilanti, was fined $18 by Justice Beach, Friday, for purloining provisions. Ben Anderson, of Rawsonville, while wood-chopping took a little turn at leg chopping, and will be laid up for repaiis some time. The Ypsilanti rod and gun club are still pondering on whether or not they will make an effort to stock the county with Verginia quail. Lemuel Goldsmith, while splitting wdod, was struck on the cheek with an ax which slipped from the hands of a companion. An ugly gash was cut. Newton Lyon, night baggageman of the Central at Ypsilanti, cut a deep gash in his leg by running against a truck early Thursday morning. Robert Russell, of Dentón, was thrown out of his cutter, by his horse running away in Ypsilanti last week, and sustained severe injuries about the head. The Ypsilanti Sentinel complains that property assessed at $450 in that city pays $10.49 taxes. In Ann Arbor the same property would pay $7.08 taxes. A crazy social is to be held in Webster this evening, to raise funds to repair the parsonage. It is to be hoped that all who attend will quickly convalesce. The Milan Leader is just eleven years old and is still a leader among the country press. Those Bohemian oat agents didn't succeed in killing it off some years ago. The Columbian Literary society of Wordens, is a great success. They will discuss the question, "Resolved, That emigration be suspended", at Gilbert Thomson's tomorrow evening. The young men have gallantly given the young ladies the affirmative. A valentíne party with prlzes for the lady and gentleman receiving the greatest number of Valentines is the latest in Ypsilanti. May Cupid be there and get in his work. The Hay & Todd Company, of Ypsilanti, who are manufacturing knit underwear, employ three hundred hands. The output of the factory last year was over $250,000. A pickle man wants the farmers around Manchester to plant 200 acres of cucumbers and sell the produce to him. If this is done some pickling will be done in Manchester. The Commercial mentions it as an astonishing fact that John Spencer has returned to Ypsilanti after living ten months in Carbondale, Pa. Is Ypsilanti such a dreadful place to live in? An oak log fifty-two inches in diameter at the butt, and forty-eight inches at the top, and twelve feet long opened the eyes of the natives at Lighthall's saw mili, in Chelsea, last week. The Salem W. C. T.U. has elected the following officers: President, Mrs. Rose Smith; corresponding secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Kate Smith; recording secretary, Mrs. Florence Ross. Mrs. Mary A. Starkweather, a benefactor to Ypsilanti in many ways, has given $3,500 for a new organ in the Ypsilanti Presbyterian church, to be put in as soon as the new church is built. A debating society in Webster took some time last evening to decide whether or not boys should interest themselves in housework. At latest accounts the question was not settled, but the boys were drawing the line on darning stockings. Every Democratie politician in the county knows Prof. Thomas Moran, of Manchester. Everybody in Manchester is proud of him. Gifted with a silver tongue, and withal a sensible and modest young man his friends are He has been taking a post gradúate course at Johns Hopkins, but is now filling a professorship in the St. Cloud, Minn., Normal school. He has just commenced his newduties.


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