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THE ELIXER OFYOÜTH! r I f a lKfApfh I itrinn9 -r ;;A ld Lllt) WOl LH biVinfl .' eaHT ■-SÈjÊÊF ' ' T5 ïtisnot if yonnrenot in possession of the full MC2LM(i -A Pos'Uve, speedy, safe and reüable sclentific J3K lniü' g'fBKatigfcr 7„ AHMBEmw corupound, manufacturad only by killed chenrMM ijLtin MKöiIMiCTrr1tiU I isLS' irorathePrsript.ionofaGermauphysiciaLi '■'■? ''V' íd' AfiJUinl y0111'1 lo those who are suflering irom the 'HPHeS'(WM VÊMaLW atrases so common in tb is age. It is a positiva YJfesBBÍíFBBU-imiJJ-fr cure íor Spermatorrhea, Loss of Power, Nigbt SS5Li „"IZl 7 - Sj limissions and all Seminal Weakness. We pub" " ■zM= lish do ñames, but have on file aworn testim nialg of the wonderful resulta produced by Ihis elixir, which we are authonzed lo show oh application of anyone requiring such a medlciue. BE A MAN ACA1N. We charge no exhorbitant price, nor do we o-ffer you a quack nostrum.but a legitímate and scienttflc preparation, whlch wilt Burely do all we claim for it. The Elixir is put. up in 4 oz. boules, and retal Ís for 11.00, or 6 for $5.00. This valuable remedy wiil be found un sale by all lending druügists. Each druggist has on file sworn testimoniáis of the wonderful cures produced by (bis Elixir, and the proprietors confident-ly refer all in need of it to them. The Germán Hospital Remedy Co., Grand Rapids, wch. For Sale by all Dmggists.


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