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Dr. F. G. Selirepper, wmm mm Isreeponsible for all the work he does in his line of business. OFFICE: At Kittredge's Livery Stable. Residence, 7 Fountain Street, -AIIsT ARBOR. Orüer may beleftor telephoned toEberbaeh's Drug Store. ■■mHKIBHHHHHThequntina party and ttg TE statie coach are playeilM A flllll T The telephone and BK UU1E.I MUtBoavis Faniilj Qtülting ■ in a iinfiRA H Machine are modern nelN 3 FiOURS. Hcessities. SlyQuiltlDgMaM w' W chine is a new and valuaHH bie attachuient for all sewinjïnmcbineö. One lady (notG or 9) can make il tmilt in Shours; alsoquilt children's cloaks; dressnninfre, etc. Send S6C.OO and 1 will send yon a machine by flrst express. Agents wanted everywhere. Forcircnlars and fiill information address UBNIIY ï. DAV1S, 30 W. Kandolph St., CMeaKo BOOKS SPECIAL SALE! AT BOOKSTORE. 500 CHOICE BOOKS IN RÜSSI A BINDING, Eacji 4Sc EMERSON'S ESSAYS, 2 VOLS., Complete, - 95c GEOKGE ELIOT"S COMPLETE WORKS, - $1.44 THACKERAY'S COMPLETE WORKS, - $2.40 DICKENS' COMPLETE WORKS, - - - f2.40 j Fine Teachers' Bibles. Complete with all the i helps, froin íl.fO to ÍS.00. VISIX the LEADING Bookstore. GEORGE WAHR. STORES.- Nfain Street, oppoeite Court House. No. 20 South State Street. WANTED. QrncK, actire man at once. Must speaS Ga mar. and iurnish references. $18 PER WEEK. Tlie Ohicago Pnblïcatïon and Lithograph Co. 194 Madison St. CHICAGO, ILL.