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Democratic State Convention

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The Demócrata of Michigan will meet in ptato conventiou at the Auditorium, in the City of Detroit, on Tuesday, February 28, at h. o'clock uoon, for the purpose of uomirmtint. one candidato for Associate Justice of the SupremeCourt tor Michitran, and two candiel ates for regen ts of the university, and the traneaction of such other business as may properlv corne before the convention. Each county in the state will be entitled to one deleítate for each 500 votes cast for Goyernor at the last general election and one additional delégate for a tniction of not less than &50 votes, but no county shall have less than two delepatesin the conveniion. Under the rule long adhered to. all delegates niust be residents of the countieswhich thcy represent in the con vention. The delegates f rora ench eongressional district will meet in caucus at 10 o'clock a. m., on liie day of the convention, at quarters to be hereafter designated by the central commitmittee, to recommend iersons for service in the organization of the convention, Each district is entitled to one viee-president of the conventiou and one memoer each of the cotnmittees on credentials, permanent organization and order of business and resolutions. All clectors who are in sympathy with the principies expressed in the party declarations, who have voted in the past with the Democratie party, who flnd themselves desirous of associatingwith it in the future and who synipathize with its principies, although not heretofore identiöed with its party name, are cordiallv invited to particípate in the caucuses for the election of delegates to this convention. Daniel J. Campau, Chairman. Fbask H. Hosford, Secretary. Under this cali Washtenaw is entitled to twenty-one delegates.


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