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The present state legislature i one of the poorest which has eve assembled at Lansing. As yet it ha done nothing. lts expenses are running up very high, and it wi] probably seek to save these expense by scant appropriations for some o the deserving state institutions. It principal occupation so far has been to find or make places for Republi cans. It requires eleven janitors to look after the legislative committee rooms. It takes eight pages to wai on 32 senators. A page was votec the attorney-general in spite of the fact that he protested he had no use for one, simply to make a place fo a senator's son. It is sufficient to defeat a measure that it be fatherec by a Democrat. It is sufficient to secure the repeal of any law, no matter how meritorious, that the law was passed by a Democratie legislature. Partisanship gone mad rules the day at Lansing. Free passes are just as abundant as before the Republican convention declared against them. The speaker not only decides points of order from the chair, but attempts to dictate how members shall vote and what shall be said on the floor. The liberty of free speech is denied Democrat s. The liberty of free action on the bilis coming before the legislature is partially denied Republicans. The liberty of voting for U. S. senator has not been extended tó the people. The legislature which elected the man with the biggest purse senator, well deserves the name of Stockbucks. The people will be heard from in 1894.


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