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Almost Beyond Belief

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THINKIS OFl'EN HAPPEN TIIAT WE t'ASi NCAKCELY CREDIT. This is One of Them, and We Give it to Our Readers. It Mxy Srem It-iuiirkll-, Rut He liiiii I lini II Is All Trne, A strange tole comes to ns froto Champlain, N. Y., where the principal in thi alworbingly int-resling account carne very near uot being alive liow to teil the story. ít wouKI seem that a well known resident of the lown, Baruey Wilson by name, fell ítl. Now illness is h cotnmon thh)g,but not so thatof be says nims-el1, now that the danger is all over. "Icannoc describe how I felt or what I 8iiffered. "Ic sepmed to b at first moslly in my liead. I oould not think easilv; my head felt dull an.l etrange, and I was tirpd and wenk all over. "I knew my nprves weie wenk and prosirated; that I liad dyupepaia terribly. Why, I could scarcely ea: anything froiTi one day to another. "I eould not sleep niglits, and woke mornings feeling weak, tired and dr.igged out. It carne near being my death stroke, I tell you, and we dii not know what the end would be. "Can you believe it, I lived and suffered like this for a whole year ! MR. BAENKY WILSON. "And then, when I had become about aopeless, I saw the advertisement of a medicine, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. I procured some "rom the drupsist at onre, and before I aad taken two bottles I was so much setter tbat I was astonished ! "I continued lts use and now I ain feeling as wpII and ound as I ever was' in mv life. I eau tiniy eay liad it nol been for Dr.-(ireene's Nervina hlood and nervo reuiedy 1 should now be in niy tirave. "I bave recoirimeuded this wnnderful remedy to all of my friends. I t-finnoi speak too higlily of this great medicine, and I earnslly recomruend ir, to all who are Buffering Irom disease." Oar rea.iers would le foolish indeed if tliey do nor bllow Air. Wilson's advioe, if ihey ai sick or out of order, tbr it is a Btire thiug ihat this reinarkable remedy curus Besides it ia purely vegetatde nd harniless. The great physii-ian and specialist in nervous and chronic dixeases, Dr. Grecne of 35 W. 14th Streel, New York, discovered it, and lie aud orher phynicians prescribe and recominend it. The doctor alao can beconbiillfcd fre of charge in regard to any case personally or by letter.


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