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The sewing school wants eight new teachers. __ J. Itice Miner is now editor of the Chicago Trade Journal. A new boiler has been placed in the pumping house at the Toledo depot. The Fourth ward school will have a new Webster's unabridged dictionary. Charles Greiner, Of the fifth ward, is the father of two dainty little twin girls. The prohibition county convention will be held in the court house this afternoon. The Democratie judicial convention nomiinites the next circuit judge at Dundee, March 8. The republican county convention will be held at the court house at 1 1 o'clock, Monday next. Teachers' examination tor all grade certifleates will be held at the court louse on Thursday, March 2. President Angelí delivers the Washngton birthday address at Johns Hoprins University this year. The Young Feople's society of the Presbyterian church will hold a social it McMillan Hall, this evening, from 8to 11. Prof. Taylor read a paper before the Engineering society last Friday even ing, on "Aluminum and Aluminum Bron zes," M. Mills lost the second lihger of his right hand, Tuesday, in the whittlerat the Agricultural works. He found the knifesharp. Miss Rachel Tate and Miss Hemeiiger have been appointed teachers in our ward schools, vice Misses Baxter . and Beckwith, resigned. Alderman Kitson, of the sixth ward, set up the cigars for the council Monday evening for a little son which had just arrived at his home. The school board, Tuesday nigbt, appropriated $150 towards the preparation of an exhibit of the Ann Arbor i schools at the World's Fair. Anu Arbor lodge, No. 44. K. I, will confer the ranks of Pages, Esquire and Knight, next Monday evening. All brothers are cordially invitcd. 'The Table-Talk of Jesús"' will be ( the subject of the last lecture in the , present course, to be given next . bath morning in the M. E. church. Wal ter G. Dunham, the student who met with an accident throngh an explosión at the chemical laboratory, last week, fortunately will not lose his eyesight. i Mr. John B. Tillotson, of tlys , versity, and Mis. W. K. Tillotson, of Owosso, made a pleasant cali on Mis. ( J. L. Babcock, of X. División street, last Tuesday. County Clerk Brown bas not only a new house but a new daughter. The little one came Saturday night, and by the time it is of age may be eligible to the office of county clerk. Mrs. Newton McMillan, of Chicago, f died suddenly. Saturday, at her home ( in Chicago, nged twenty-four years. She had been married but a year. Her ( remains were brought to Ann Arbor ( for burial. 1 Rev. Maltby Gelston, of Washington street, who been a helpless sufferer for ' ten years, had another severe attack ' last Saturday night, and now lies un' consekrus, and his friends expect he will expire any moment. ' Elijah E. Kellogg, who died at his ' home in Clint, El Paso county, Texas, ! January 2K, resided in this city for thirteen years preceding 1880. He was sixty-two years of age and for many years had lived in Augusta. i The Ann Arbor Hilles are selling a large number of tickets to the carnival i to be held on Washington" birthday. i These carni vals have always been very i successful and many added attractions will make this the best held here. i : Eight applications for membei ship i were sent in tothe Knights of l'ythias, i Monday night. They will ride the ] goat at the next meeting unless in the . meantime that lioined lodge conveni] ence shouíd slip on the icy streets and i ] break his neck. 1 Kegister of Deeds Andrew T. Hughes has rented a house on Kingsley street. Walker & Co. are shipping buggies te Spokane Falls, Washington. The State Savings Bank, of this city, will be ready for business in less than a month. The Keystone Club held a line beefsteak supper at Zukey lake Wednesday evening. Dexter's new bank will have $20,000 capital. Wirt Newkirk, of Luther, will be the cashier. Daniel E. Iloey, of Dexter, sold on Saturday last, lTGsheep, whichweighed over seventeen thousand pounds. Street Commissioner Sutherland has been engaged in putting up street signs about the city, a valuable improvement. There was a sleigh-ride party of ladies i'rom here to Mrs.George Voltz's, three miles out, the occasion being Mrs. Voltz's 36th birthday. The fire department was called out Monday evening to put out a fire in jeorge Wahr's ï'esidence, on División street, eaused by bis little girl upsetting a piano lamp. The damages amounted to $150. Dr. Marl E. Hobart died inPomona, California, February 6. He was born in this city forty-seven years ago and for some years practiced medicine here. Later he practiced in Big Rapids and still later went west as a photographer. The Unity Club programme for Monday evening, Feb. 20, includes a short story by Mr. R. L. Weeks of the University, early days of California and the journey there by Judge Harriman, and musre in charge of Miss Gertrude Sunderland. President Angelí, in compliance with in invitation from a joint committee if the legislature, will on March lst, Jeliver a eulogy on ex-President Ilayes. A.t that time a series of eulogies will be made on the eminent men who have L-ecently died in this country. Rev. Mr. Sunderland's second sermón on "The Labor Problem" wil! be given next Sunday morning instead of evening. Subject, "Strikes and Arbitration." In the evening the eongregation will join in the S.C. A. anniversary meeting at the University hall. We had the greatest possible variety of weather last week. It frequently alternated frora snow to rain during the same day, with blizzards of the most pronounced type sandwiched in between. The sun would peep out timidly once in a white, and then retire in disgust. Matthias Elmis. of Northtield, while returnino: home from the city, was struck by a freight train Saturday evening about six o'clock. Ile was thrown over a fence, spraining an ankle and being badly injured. Ilis sleigh was smashecl into kindling wood and one of his horses was killed. Three tratups, drunk and disorderly in the streets of the city, Tuesday were given live days in jail by Justice Pond. One tramp claimed to be a sailor, another a flshernian, and the third a laborer. In excuse, one of the trampa urged that the best of men got on a tear sometimes, but Justice Pond empbatically disapproved of the assertion. Mr. Daniel Hisrock informed the reporter a few days ago that he ordered a large quantity of soft coal last January, and that it has not yet arrived. His supply of an excellent quality of cannel coal is almost exhausted, and he does not.expect to obtain any more this winter. He has still an abundant supply of the best anthracite coal in his yards. The popularity of the Young People's Vespers at St. Andrews' ehapel on Sunday evenings, it half-past six, was evidenced last Sunday by an attendance which completely filled the ehapel. The addi-esses were the 1 enibellished, practical talks of layinen. Dr. Nancrede gave personal testimony of the value and reality of faith to the man of science. The singing was heartily rendered, accompanied by an organ, violins, and Ilute. On Sunday next the topic will be "The Gospel Message'; a good and able leader is promised, and the orchestral accompaniment to the hymns will bc continued: Deputy Sheriff Eaton, of Ypsilanti, was on Saturday last acquitted of the charge of murdering Griftin, thecolored man whom he shot white endeavoring to arrest him at South Lyon on the charge of criminal assault. The trial was held at Pontiac, and Eaton was defended by Kline, of Ann Arbor, and (ïriflin, of ypsilanti. Walter C. Mack's reception to all the clerks in "The Store," Monday evening, was a most unqualified success and reilects great credit on himself as well as his charming wife as royal entertainers. Vocal and instrumental music, recitations, etc., and a most sumptuous repast being among the niany good things enjoyed, in fact nothing was left undone to make the evening one long to be remembered. A few raernbers of the Lyra Club were also present, rendering several selections.