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Sulphur Bitters

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THE CREATEST p JBLOOD PüRIFIER ; j KNOWN. 51 ThisGreat Germán Medicine is the ! & CHEAPEST and best. 128 doses : ■ of Sulphur Bitters for $1.00, less 3 than one cent a dose. asBBaoBHE m It will cure the worst #Don,t ever , 3 kmd Of skin disease, ƒ take BLUE r 3 #pLLg or s, 2 pis on the face to #merCury.they ' SCROFULA. In M Put i all cases of such #ia Snfphur Bit 3 stubhorn, deep #t te urest g (iseated diseases, ƒ and best mediS 1 ?U41íhur ?ltteJS fcine ever made. a jsthebestmed-#lg yourTONCUE 1 LmL # COATE D with a g Don'twaitun-# Uow 6tickysub. i til tomorrow, Ë gnce ? ls y 0 u r K 1 ïi. Í v ■ i Breath foul and off 1 TO-DAY. fensive? Your Stomj" S""1"11""" ach ÍS OUT OF ORDER, g J Use Snlphur Bitters immediately. If you are sick, no matter what m ails you, nse Sulphur Bitters. a Don't wait until you are unable , 3 to walk, or are flat on your back, ' 9 but get lome AT ONCE, it will 5 cure you. Sulphur Bitters is 5 THE INVALID'S FRIEND. ■ Send 3 2ent stamps to A. P. Ordwar & CoBoston, ïlau.t tor bett medical work pablisbed


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