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CAfïïER'Sl ÍS]1 i L hi iCj .■.'■ I"' -„ ■■" Pi 18.$, Bek Heaaache and relieve all tL'e'-r '.'■■■■ dent to a büious etateof tha oj-Kt" Dizziness, Nausea, Drowstaess, i;j.s'.:i , eting. Pain in the SiJe, &o. ',7hi: remarkable success bü3 been sLc r.-n ia o .- HeaSiChe, yet Cartar's Litilo IIt'-' ?KJS SM eqnaüy vaVaabloinCoiiötipatiora, i?iiiiugcr.d ijv'-1Tentmgthisannoj-iügconiplr.u:;.-. büe tfccj ' i coiTect all disorders of thostom'.-h.í f Ir :.;', Jiver and regúlate the bo7alíi. EvsaiiU AchotheywoTildbealmostpriceleáüíotlio-ewt'j tulier f rom thi8 diatreasing compiaiut; butforti;tt&tely theirgoodnee8doesnctendUere,ai itbor? trho once try thera will flnd theeo littla pi [ïp v ■ ,: . tbleJndoniany waysthatthey will noi bc m lias to du without them. isut af tei alleick bÜ4 'In ib e bane of eo many liven that her?, i? wbor 1 trïiiak8oar great boaat. Our pffiscoreit bita c-j.'iu s do not. Caiter's Little Liver PiUaare very tni" uui tüi3' easy to take. Oue or tvo pilla d'j5. The? orsstrictly vegetable fcnd do nof. grlpu r purs0i Out by tiieirgentleaction plt'O"!: vio tiseibem. In yiaUat25cecta ; liveïoi-fi. tS dr jggiata everywliero, o? sent by u EL p CARTER IHEOIC1NE CO., Nov Yori, SMALL P!LL. SUALL DOSE. SHALL FSiGE Pags Woven Wire Feace A Smooth Feuce that Will Turn Any Kind of Stock! ' The Best and Cheapest Fence for the Farm. Made in sizes lrom 'Zi to 58 inehes high, either galvanized ar painted. Cali and Examine It Ánñ you will buy no other. M. Staebler, Ann Arbor. FREDERICK KRAUSE AUCTIONEER. Will attend to all sales on short notice at reasonable charges. For further particulars cali at the AroüS office Kipans Tabules prolong Hfe. Kipans Tabules cure scrofula. Kipans Tabules cure dyspepsia. Kipans Tabules : pleasant laxative. Kipans Tabules : a standard remedy