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Republican County Convention

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The republican eounty convention, Monday, was very slimly attended, not more than forty or flfty delegates being present. Th second district was represented by less thau a dozen. William M. Osband, of Ypsilanti, was made chairman, and Joseph T. Jacobs, of Ann Arbor, secretary. The following committees were appoiuted: Permanent Organization and Order of Business- AJex. W. Ilamlltou, Ann Arbor; D. C. Griiiiu, Ypsilauti ; Jas. . Gilbert, Chelsea. Credentials- George H. Pond, Aun Arbor; George E. Sraithe, Ypsilauti; Wm. Judsou, Chelsea. Resolutions- J. E. Beal, Anu Arbor; J. C. Beemis, Ypsilanti; Geo. H. Kempf, Chelsea. After dinuer the committee on credentials reported delegates from the two cities and eight towns entitled to seats in the convention. The other twelve towns were not heard from at all. The resolutions adopted were as iollows: Whekeas, We, the Republioaus of Washtenaw, assembled iu conveution, hail with satisfaction and pride the coming again of our great state underfull and complete republican rule after the squaw-buck maladministration. We urge npon the legislature to heed the cali of the people for a short business session. Resolved, That the speedy repeal of the infamous Miner lavv, made by the legislature, meets with the approval of our best citizens, as it was an unfair and partisan measure. In national affairs, wegreet the distinguished and crowning act of Pres. Harrison's admiuistration, about to be consummated on Washngton's birthday, of raising the old flag over the flnest line of ocean steamships afloat, and inangurating measures whieh will again rjlace" American flags and American ships and Ameicommerce ou every sea, iu every port' As the time approaches for the re-election of a judge of this district, we cali attentiou to the splendid career of Judge Kinne. who has, without fear, giveu clear aud able judgments which have rarely been reversed in the higher court orquestioned by the people. Wecall for his renoininatiou and urge upou the voters of this district to re-elect him without regard to party. This is an office where partisanship is undersirable. We commeud the action of the Jackson county republieans iu eudorsing a good democratie judge for re-election, commending the action of the majority party in Jackson county to the majority party in this county. The University of Michigan in our midst wiü ever be our care and concerti. It requires careful and able management, which must be given by wise men of business training. It is advisable to have a regent near at hand, and for this important position we present and recommend to the delegates chosou to the state convention the name of Col. H. S. Dean, as a man in every way qualified and fltted for doing great good, both to the State and University. His name will add much strength to the state ticket which will give it a sure promise of success at the polls. John W. Bennett, Esq., of Ann Arbor, was unanimously nominated for county commissioner of schools, and the following delegates were elected by acelamation: TO STATE CONVENTION. Al Large - Hon. E. P. Allen, Ypsilanti: Hou. Andrew J. Sawyer, Aun Arbor; Geo. H. Kerupf, E9Q., Chelsoft. First District- Wm. Judson, W. C. Stevens. E. F. Johnson, J. T. Jacobs, J. E. Beul, Dr. J. C. Wood, Z. Sweet. Nathan Pierce, I."N. S. Foster Second District- S. R. Critteuden, Wm. M. Osband, W. S. Carpenter, E. B. stoue. A. F. Freeman, M. K. Kaymoud, O. A. Sobev. Wm. Bortless, A. A. Wood. JUDICIAL CONVKNTIOX. At large.- John F. Lawrenee, Aun A. F. Preeman, Mauehester; D. C. Grifün, Ypsilanti. First District- Norman D. Gates, E. F. Joliusou.A. J. Sawyer, A. W, Wilkiusou, A. W.Hamilton, George S Wheeler, Heury Waldrou, C. E. Hiscoek. Fred B. Braun. Second District- V. K. Childs, Chas. Mills, George Seotuey, .1. B. Wortley, W. R. Davis, tieorge Rawsou, H. P. Johnson, -Vm. Campbell.


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