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The Republican county convention this we...

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The Republican county convention this week was a tame affair. Only eight towns were represented and Ypsilanti only sent five delegates. The enthusiasm thus indicated is not such as will make any break in the Democratie lines this spring. __ The Courier is forced to admit that Mr. Cavanaugh is an "efficiënt incumbent the office of school commissioner." If there is any office in the category of offices that should be strictly non-partisan, it is a school office. And yet the republicans put up a candidate of their own, proving conclusively that their platform was buncomb. If they can afford to vote the republican ticket, the democrats can afford to vote the democratie ticket. The Courier evidently is either not in accord with the republi'can leaders in this county, or it is simply striving to find fault with the action of the democratie convention last week from purely partisan grounds. In speaking of the democratie convention it terms the election of three delegates at large "a shrewd device of the politicians." The republicans must have admired the " shrewd device of the politicians," for they also elected three delegates at large. Col. Dean was euchred out of the Republican nomination for regent by a clique of Detroit doctors, The Republicans put up a ticket, Hooker for judge, and Fletcher and Keefer for regents, which makes it very easy for the Democrats to put up a better ticket. This is no reason, however, why the Democrats in their state convention next Tuesday should not put up the best men in the party. The nominations should be such as would command the vote of every independent voter. The Detroit Free Press has the following editorial comment on the Washtenaw convention last week: The Democracy of old Washtenaw is sound as ever and never hesitates to condemn such acts of legislation as merit its disapproval. The contemptible act of the senate in unseating Mr. Jordán gave them a splendid opening, of which proper advantage was taken. The Republicans" will find that their rank injustice in this matter will prove a damaging precedent. The I.ansing Journal also comments editorially on the resolutions as follows: The gallant Democracy of Washtenaw county met in convention yesterday, and adopted among other resolutions the following: We denounce the unseating of Senator Jordán, elected by an undisputed majority of 826 votes, on a flimsy pretext contrary to recent decisionsof the tëupreme Court. We denounce the waste andextravagance shown by our state legislature i the creatiag of unuecessary offices o provide places for relativos oí Relublican legislators. These resolutions have the ring of ighteous indignation. Theyare au nvocation to Democratie courage. The utterly lawless partisan proceedings of this Legislature present a timely subject for Democratie denunciation. reproof, and warning. The creation of unnecessary petty sinecures, the shameful practice of nepotism, and the unspeakable outrage perpetrated in the unseating of Senator Jordán and Representativas Griffin and Rusch, should be constantly held up to the gaze and. the execration of the people. If the atter are kept fully informed as to he reckless, vicious, and high-handed acts of the party ia powet at jresent in this state, there wtll not e another Republican administraion in Michigan for the next quarer of a century. After resolying concerning the "squawbuck maladministration" and the "Tnfamous Miner law," the republicans of Washtenaw have the effrontery to ask . the democrats to support a republican for office, on the ground that there is no democrat as good as he is. The repubiicans believe that no one has a right to be a partisan but a republican. They also, even while asking a favor from the democrats, fail to forego the pleasure of calling the democrats names. If the democrats in this judicial district of 2,000 democratie majority will side in with the rejpublican platform, they will deserve the most opprobious terms the republicans can apply to tnem.


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