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Lansing. Feb. u - In the house petittona were recelvsd tor the appointment of a stato iairy and food commissioner, and for the pas(age of a bil] giving improvecl railroad appli(inces for the protection of trainmen Among the bilis introduced, the only one of interest was for an amiropriation for marlung the position of Michif an troops upon the battleneld of "hickamauga. Lansjng, Feo. Il- In the house a bilí was ooticed to provide for proper appliances at the Jackson prison for the execution of conacuined crimináis by electricity. Other bilis noliced: To provide a uniform liquor tax law at UW; to promote and enoourage agriculture in the upper península; for the inspection of ouilding and loan associations. Dills were ntroduced to repeal the law of 1891 Rhich placed all mineral lands under the opera üon of the general tax law ind to restore the special ■ tax for '? Tne sPec'al tax providedfor by this bill is twenty-Bve cents per ton on copper ma Bve cents per ton on iron. One-half this taz is to be paid tothe countyin whlch the land 's located and the balance to the state; to pi-odibit the marriage of flrst cousins. Lansing, Feb. 15.- Bills wei-e introduced ir Uie house to repeal the law providing for the in:orporation of cooperative live stock insurance companies and prohibiting the bringing of irmed men jnto the state. The last bil! is designed to cripple the Pinkertons. The commit tee on the Michigan insane asylum recommended an appropriation or $75,000 for improvements to that institution, and advised the establishment of another asylum. Lansing, Feb. 16.- The house on Thursday, hy a vote of 70 to 16, passed the joint resolution which passed the senate Wednesday requesting congress to submit to the legislaturas of the eeveral states a constitutioaal amendnient providing for tbe election of United States Renators by the people. The elections commmee favorably reported the bill for the use of the Rhines voiing machine at olpctions An avalanche of bilis were introduced, the most Important of whichwere: Providing for habitual drunkards to lake the -gold cure" at the expense of their county, and levying a tax upon bicycles, to be credited to the highway fund. Abill authorizing the incorporation of Young Men s Christian associations under the laws of the state was passed by the house, it having previously passed the senate. L.ANSING, Feb. 17.- The house session was almost entirely taken up with the Wayne county contested election cases, and the result was the unseating of th democratie representatives Otto H. Rusch and Wiüiam W. Oriffln, and biving their seats to Harlow P. Davocl; and Bernard F. Schellburg, rcpublicans, by a vote of 4 to 59. Strict party lines wcre drawn. Bills were introduced providing for a municipal local option law, and to provide lor the repayment by the state of coinmutation money paid bv drafted men during the war of the rebellion. Lansing, Feb. 18.- Bills were introduced in the house to repeal the law whieh prohibits the use of oleomargarine or any .butler substituto in the state institutions; making an appropriation formarkingthe position oí Michigan troopi upon the battlefleld of Chickamauga; to regúlate the sale of liquor by druggists in counties adopting prohibition underthe local option law A gomt resolutlon was introduced for the submission of a constitutional amendment at the spring election leaving all questions of the rights of members to seats in the legislatura to the supreme court. In committee of the whole bilis for authorizing the use of the Khanes Tote recorder at elections and prohibitïng the placing oí the name of candidates on more tnan one tickefon the official ballot werp agroed to. Lansino. Feb. 21. -At Mónday's session o ;h house Dovack and Schellberg, the success 'ui contestant8 ior seats from Wayne county appeared, took the oath, and were seated 3tlls were introduced as follows: To autbor ze the commencement of a suit againsi the stata in cases where it holds landf for delinquent taxes; to estabhsh a statt normal school and an insane asylum ir the upper península: to prohibit railroati jasses to all persons receiving a salary rom the state; increasing the number of suprcme ïustices to ten, and organizins the court nto divisions; resulating the business ol rawnbrokers; making an appropriation for he blind school: re?ulating the heieht Above the street for stretching the wiresoi lectric street railway companies; providing a tax on dogs: to prohibit life insurance companies from discrimina ting a?ainst colored persons in issuing policies; a capital punLshment measure: appropriating J40.000 for the compleUon of the gymnasium at the Michipran unlversity: deflning the liability of masler to servant and designating those who are fellow servants wboxe. acts exempt railroad companies from liaoility in case of injuries to employés. Sjennte. Laksikg, Mioh., Feb. 13.- Id the senate a resolution for the sale of all folding beds in the capi tol was adopted. Bills were introduced providing for a three-cent railroad fare, to regúlate telegraph tolls and to repeal the franchise Lassing, Feb u.- The senate's session on Tuesday was taken up in considering the WilUins-Jordan con tos ted seat case. Afteraheated and lengthy discussion, a vote restulted in the ousting of Jordán (dem.) and the seating of VWlkins (rep.), the action givin the republicans atwo-thirds majority in both houses. Laksing, Feb. 15.- The senate by' a vote of 23 to 7. passed a joint resolution urgincongress to submit to the neople a constitutional amendment providing for the election of United States senators by a direct vote of the peoDle Incommitteeof the wnole the bill was recommended for passage prohibiting the acceptanee ifl e ralh'oa(1 Passes by legislators and state LANSIHG, Feb. 16- By a vote of 1? to 12 the senate failed to pass the bill prohibiting the acceptanee of free railway passes by legislatore and state officials. The vote was reconsidered and the bül wa tablecl Bills were introduced providing for a state board of control for the Marquette and Jackson prisons, and brineine the special charter raUroads under the general law for taxation purposes. Notices were given of bilis app.-opriiiting Kö.OOÜ for equippiug a building for physical education and training at the state normal school, and for the establishment oí a normal school in the upper península.' IJisG, r i.- Thr senate passed the McLaughHn bilí proYiding for the levyiog of an annual lai oí onefifth of a mili iipon the taxable property of the state for the support of the unlversity, based on last year's valuation. Top vote was reconsidered. and the bül was tabled. The most important bih.s introduced werej 'J'o provide a general tai law: to com pe. the closing of barber shops on Sunday; prohibiting the use of "and company ' by indiTiduals on thelr signs: providinfr a legal unifrom rate of interest and discount: fi.Ting the salarv of the lieuteuant governor at tl.OOO per annum secretary of slate and land commisiioner at t.OüO, and superintendent of public instruction at fc!,500: to compel railroad companies to pay taxes upon their gross earnings, the percentages to he regulated by the extent of such n income nd ranging from 2 to 3!i per cent Cansino, Feb. 21.- The session of the senate on Monday was entirely devoid of interest or importance.


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