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The Fellow Who Impersonated Hiscock

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The íellow that impersonnted ('has. E. Hiisoock, eas'hier of the Ann Arbor Sa-vings Bank, seems to be stuck on the manie mul. as J. W. Richards, city editor of tlhe Waterloo (Ia.) Courier. wraitea to Mr. Hiseock, "he is surely the smöotliest man that has imdertaken to miake hay ín towa." In lus letter Mr. Richards enclosed' ewspaper slips froni w'liii'li tJie following" is (.(HHlcnsiecl : Feb. 21, t'he íellow was u Waterloo, Ia., and ï'egüistere.d at the Logan House as ■■(_'. E. Hisoock, Ann Arbor Mfchig-aii." HO hueted up a real aïtete íivin and said tlie pmrpoee of his visit was to look tip a loeation lor the Miüdhigian Furnitupe (3o., oï Ann Arbor. Tlie president of the company h'ad been im Waterloo, and i-cported that it was the most deelrable place h had beem able to ffimd. The compa"iy proi;osed gtvtQg employment to 185 imen. Be thea called at the First National Bank and tried to g-et the niduey om a certdüed dheek. toe $350 drawii Uy hainself on the Ann Arbor Sav;ngs Baak and certtiied to by the bank. He saiiid he wanted to nse a little jnomey to bind the bargaiu on Bome property he had purchased. Wben Oaslii'er Eiighniey said he must be klentiïied he was so picasant and LïentU'iuanly tüiat tlie bank people were almost al'rajd Uuit they niiiïlit hurt hila feeliivgis. BDe saiil he would be in tihe next miorning and be Identli'i mI. Instead of tlliis, he hired a team o tafce hkn to Hudson. The noxt day lio tríed to pasé forged checks ln Des Moinee, Kiieceeding in getiting about $250. Th-e he uscd there was Jo'liu Jliller. Ijater he became musical and wovked oft' a certifled cliock of $450 end'Orsed ly ttie Des Moimcs Piano Oo. A detective íit Bloomíngton, 111., offera í."() pewerd for t 'lio arrest of a man wliose desci-iption is remarkably Cltoee to t'lnat of "Mr. Hiecock alias Soott." Tlve diescription oí tlie man as given in t'lie Waterloo Courier, is as follows : "He le a iine-appearinig man, abou't 5 íeet 7 ntíhiee ta.ll, weiglis abo'ut 160 .pouiuis, dark hiaír, smooth face except a llack niustaclií?, "vore dark cloillies and soft hat, had immianculate linen and a large diamond orrcamented hile ehirt tosom. He liad