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One of those " goods-at-the frontdoor" baking powder peddlers uow infesting the city and impudently forcing entrance into our homes receiveda lesson the other day from a street lady whieh will enlarge his experience and it is to be hoped will shake his faith in the familiar adage that "people like to be humbugged." Having gained an audience, the fellow glibly recited his oft-repeated tale, that his was the only pure baking powder; the only one that is free f rom aluin; that in short it was the ne plus ultra of baking powders, while others were grossly adulterated and dangerous to health. "Why, sir," said the lady, as the feliow stopped to gain breath, "I have used the lioyal in my family for a great many years, and we have always been in splendid health." "Madam," replied the peddler, thinking he saw a chance for a sale, "have yon any Eoyal in the house? If you will bring sorne I will convince you in a moment that I know what I am talking about." "Certainly," answered the lady, leaving the room for a few moments. She returned with a can partly filled with baking powder and handed ie to the "scientific" gentleman, who, after some dexterous manipulatians of heating, etc, said with confldent glee, thrusting the can toward the lady, "There, do you see that? Do you catch that strong odor? Sure proof of bad powder. Contains aluin!" "Are you quite sure that this powder is dangerous?" asked the lady quietly, "Sure ! positivo proof ! Contains alum!" " Well," swoc-tly added the lady, " I am glad you are sure, because this powder you have just shown upisyour own. I was persuaded by my grocer to try it, for a change, but it did not prove satisfactory to the kitchen. Keally,"' she oontlnued, as the feliow hastily retreated toward the door, " I am ever so niuch obliged to you, for I know now that nothing, after all, is quite as good as my old stand-by, the Boyal, whieh I have used for so many years." The baking powder tester still lives, but is growing weary and wary. Moral. - Let all housekeepers remember that the Royal Baking Powder has stood all honest tests for 2-5 years, and that charlatanism cannot destroy its good name as a pure, reliable article.


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