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Agent s. THE ELSX5R OF YOUTPS! c I fp Winpth I hfirm) ■ ::rf ' LIllS hUPuíI bililllQ u Itisnot ifj' not in possession of thfl foll SKJBr v'. iacultic.s lor enjoying it. We olfer to iüe y SÊESpGaCê ' ' , ' pubíú; a truc and. trusty remedy, the P1CAqM ELIXIR OF YOUTH, e vÜ KWkle.Hf9 oKmSkii a Positive. epeedy, Eafe and reliable Rrtentific 1 'vfBM7sÈ&&?J-ji!ïijimlpiS& cornpouud.manufacturedouly by skilled chem"i' JÜ X iHTEBHHTiIÍ , 1' oí world-wlde lame. , VJ V ïïfej?THKÖ( A BH1 We êuaraotee Uiis Elixir to restore the vitaliiy WW&BBBSSE3SaBlMlklBml oI 5outl1 lo those wlio ;re suHermji fn m ibc - TysCtW BfS&JKsñlWf 4flE aliusessocommonin this age. It is a pusiuvc -i, Z_í5:SSSü5a85íí eur? for Spermatorrhea, Loss of Power, JS'iKbt -3.-_ , ■!r-r-rsï?d3&t Emissions and all Seminal Weakness. Wö pub„ , , .. , ""tV ' ', , lisb nonames. but have on file sworn lestlmoannii sTollderful reltó produced by this elixir, whicn we are authorized to show od applioation ol anyone recairing sueh a medicine. BE A MAN ACAIN. anrtY,LCrh!ííí?onoeihorbitanÍprJceinordoweofferyouaclUicb nostrum.but a legitímate ana se lenttflo preparation, whicb will surely do all we claim lor it. The Elixir is put up in bSilMH?' a reta'ls or 6 w 55.Í0. This valuable remedy wili Tbe found ít i sale níort,U!rt il B., Each druist has on file sworn testimonialsof the wouderlui cures produced by thia Elixir.aud the propiietors conñdently reler all in need of it to them. The Germán Hospital. Remedy Co., Grand Rapids. ích.6 For Sale by all DrniriHsts


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