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is an arbitrary word used to desígnate the only bow (ring) which cannot be pulled off the watch. ""■■nX Here's the idea ƒ f LTLj i 1 The bow has a groove I l gP ! I on each end. A collar V ullírir J runs down inside the v-iiljlfl pendant (stem) and 5====?T nts into the grooves, - C-- firmly locking the s ; bow to the pendant, _f ' 4? IS so that it cannot be V Pulled r twisted off. It positively prevenís the loss of the watch by theft, and avoids injury to it from dropping. IT CAN ONLY BE HAD with iSg. Jas. Boss Filled or other watch wfl cases bearing this trade mark %êsi All watch dealers sell thera without extra cost. Ask your jeweler for pamphlet or send to the manufacturers. KeystoneWatch Case Co,, philadsjuphia. Jiefundedifnotentire:-.k ■ u y satisf actory. m r If you valua health a ■■ ' V ü.nd desire a Corset liga ' '■ ■ V .V V liiafc combines ease, Sffl;iU 't VA1'1 Tv comfort, durability, &&■ 'I i f.üdisatthesametime mfëii Hi-V V perfect in sbape and '''Mm': U ' 'V' closofitting, ask your L ■'■' ; !; ; ■ -'J Dr. Schilling' s 4í-iiÜü COILED WIÍ1E SPRING X HEALTH PRESERVING Uorset. Il your merchant does not have them, wlll mail postpaid. Health Preserving $1.15; Short !Tip$1.15;Enpclish SateenSl.50; Nursinft$l.5; 4.bJrniinal $8; Younji Ladies' 81 ; Miares' 85c. SCHILLING CORSET CO,, DETROIT and CHICAGO. Garfio Id Tea s OoresSick Headache.ReBto res Compleiion.Saves Doctors' Bills. Samplofree. GARFiELDTEACo..319W.45thSt.,N.Y. Cures Constipation Why Suffer? When you can be Cu red Thousands are suffering with Torpid Liver-the symptoms are Depression of Spirits, Indigestión, Constipation, Headache. Dr. Sanford's Liver Invigorator is a reliable remedy for Liver Disorders. It cures thousands every year; why ' not try Dr. Sanford's Liver Invigorator? Your Druggist will supply you. AÏÏP, LAWB! . Hcfore purchaeinjr ii the line Of mllliuery you should luok to your on interest and buy of 3VI IR. S .. O T T O , Wbo is out her entire stock of Liidics' Hats and Bonnets. Feit staapes for '2re, 80o, 7Bo and il. 00. Also a large line of Children's Hr&dwe&r. Actually One-Half Off. Attend this sale and save monev 1 Mi4WWy ThonuiltniL'Tmrtvaml tin; B starre ooach are playeil■ A nilll T fcïAflÊH ' The tclephone aiul ■ A yyiLl HIAUIGH navis Family QuUtlng I ■■ „„„„. HMachlneiire modern neIn 3 HOURS ■ cesltle. MyQuilttngMa" ""■ W chine ia Dew and vainaSSSSSSBBStS lll(' uttachment for all sewiiiK machines. OhP lady (not6 or 9) can niake a uiltiii ühours; alsoqiiilt children'a cloaka; dresallnings, etc. Send $0.00 and I wlll se nd you a machine by flrat expresa. Apents wanted everywbere. Forcircularsanrt full inlorraation address HENRY T. DAV1S, 30 W. Kandolph St., Chicago C V. VOGEL,, Ann Stheet. CH0ICE5T CUTS OF STEAKS. All kinds of MEA.TS AND SAUS AGES. Fresh lard alwaya In stock. Poultry in soason ñWklí DISEASES SISEASES OF THE SKIN Specially and Skillf ully Treated w No 'omp.nyor Instituto Fke, 1 A „Clan IIand R. Wedrical Humbug, „j Over twenty years active Hospital and Sanitar. ium experience. Thousands of happy, crateful, cures, ertending into everv State in the Union. t it you are intereste'd. inTestisrate. You will Ktirely he pleased and maybe surprised. Vr:tn fullv. Inquire freely. A valuable trentlíp on Disensos of a Private Natura, ooDfldentiu) ■. f ree. SEND FOR IT. Address or rail . r. DR. O. J. P H'-: .1 sCKso . : : e f IRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MMK, Af?ent ior the TollowinR Kimt Class CouipHnies representing over twentv-Mp;hi MilUou Dollars Asseta, laBues pulicicn ut the lowtfst rates JEtn& of Hartford $9,1 92,64-1. (■ Franklin of Phila 3,1 18,713,00 Germaniaof N. Y 2,7ÜO,729.(Y! American oL N.Y. l,065,96S.0(! London Assurauce, Lond'n 1 ,418,788.0(1 Michigan F. &M., Detroit 2S7,Ü()S.OO N. Y. Underwritera, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,605.0(1 Phenix, N.Y 8,759,086.00 f,Speeial alieiitiou tïivun to t Ut; iiisuranc oi i viellinya, schoole. churches and putñir hufldinga in termF of I bree and five ycars FOUND AT LAST ! Eureka Rug. Huffs a ml Mats frorn old Carpet8. Save your old In:rain, Tapestry and Ilrussels Carpets. Any size oí' made froin Vi to ;i yards wide and of any leug-th. Price75 cents and upward per Kus, complete with fringe. L. M. PETEKS, Öarpet Cleaning & Kug Manufacturing Co. 547 Clinton Ave., De troit. Scnd ior Clrculars. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria.


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