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There is not a millionaire in Cleveland'...

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There is not a millionaire in Cleveland's cabinet. It is a cabinet of brains, far stronger in intellect than any cabinet of recent years. The people of Ann Arbor should give Robert E. Bunker a big vote for regent. He is a first-class man, thoroughly irabued with the University spirit, and will make one of the most valuable members of the board. The Republicans are still calling the Democrats names and talking non-partisanship. Yet how few of the Republicans in this section will vote for Judge Durand, who makes so much a better judge than does Judge Hooker his opponent. The Democratie state convention nominated an excellent ticket of strongmen, Tuesday. Judge Durand is one of the ablest lawyers in the state, a good jurist, a man of unimpeachable personal character and of great popularity at home. The nominees for regents areboth college graduates, Robert Bunker, being a gradĂșate of the (Jniversity and Henry A. Harmon of Union college. They are strong and able men. Although the Register is a republican paper, it sometimes tells the truth, possibly by a slip of the pen. For instante, this week it heads its quotations from the speeches made at the recent republican Michigan Club banquet, "Said at a Wake." The peculiar aptness ofthe heading is shown by quoting V"ebster's definition of a wake: "The sitting up of persons with a dead body, often attended with a degree of festivity."


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