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Editor Aboüs: The Ann Arbor Courier has taken apon itself to convince the Deniocrats of the county that it is their duty to indorse the nomination of a Iiepublican candidate for circuit judge, or, iailing in this, to elect the Iiepublican candidate oveiv liis Democratie competitor. The Courier evidently assumes that Democratie readers wil] confine their attention to the items designed to persuade them, but will overlook the partisan screech and the attacks upon Democrats which till its columns. At the late Democratie county convention, hen resolutions were introduced to instinct the delegates, upon motion they were laid upon the table. The point being made tliat the delegates did not fully understand the motion, the chairman ruled that a fair división of the house should be had upon the resolutions. Those f avoring them taking seats upon one side of the house, and those opposing upon the other side. When the división had been made, the chairman called upon Mr. Marquardt, who had introduced the resolutions to inspect the house and declare the reault, which he did; there were not more than twenty voting lor the resolutions. There could have been nothing fairer than the method of this determination, and parliamentary law was violated not to defeat a fair expression, but to obtain one. And yet the Courier declares that "Parliamentary law, -which is often used by presiding officers to silence those who may be in opposition to their way of thinking, cut a wide svvath in accomplishing the task." Nor is it tme that this decisión of the convention was an expression uiy mau. It was simply a refusal to commit a gross politieal blunder, on e vvhich tlie Courier vvould liave been first to take advantage of and make the text of a sermón to Monroe demoera ts. In uttering its false-hoods, the Courier is not prompted by kindly consideration for any democrat. It has an eye solely on the main chance, - thut is to win a republican official fiom democratie hands. It is preparad to attack the democratie nominee, whoever he may be, and, if possible, créate dissensions among democrats to further its schemes. It is a paper wtich sees nothing good in democrats or democracy, which never supports a democrat for any position and which ought not now to influence democrats save to oppose what it advocates.


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