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Preliminary Debate

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Last Monday evening occurred the preliminary debate fpr the selection of three men to represent the Universit- of Michigan in the inter-university debate with the University of Wisconsin. Great interest and enthusiasm was manifested by the large audience, which completely filled the law lecture room. Mr. E. J. Ottoway, presiding officer of the evening, then introduced Mr. A. J. Falknor, who gave the opening speech upon the question, "Resolved, That the United States should adopt the policy of subsidizing the Mercan tile Marine." Mr. Falknor is a very forcible speaker. He hardly had the chance to make his arguments as effective as he might have done had he been one of the last speakers. Mr. Lipson opened the discussion on the negative. He was master of the situation, and handled his side of the question with the utmost composure. Mr. Reddick, the second speaker of the affirmative, left a favorable impression, but he was somewhat embarrassed in his delivery. Mr. Best, the second on the negative, was too muchconfined to his text. His effort showed good prepararon. Mr. Jefferis, the third speaker on the affirmative, would not take his position on the platform, but stood on the floor so that he could be on a level with the American people. His discussion was logical, and won for him third place. Mr. Troy, the third negative speaker, had more of a conversational style than his competitors. His speech was well delivered. Mr. Purdy, the last speaker of the affirmative, was given the first place, which heundoubtedly deserved. He appears well on the platform, and has a clear, strong voice. He talked with moderation, but made careful and strong statements. The last speaker, Mr. Kilbride, became embarrassed and as was easily apparent, did not do himself justice. The Banjo and MandolĂ­n club rendered "Longwood Waltzes," while the markings were being computed. The judges were Prof. T.C. Knowlton, Rev. C. M. Cobern,"and Prof. H. C. Adams. They gave Mt. Purdy first place, Mr. Lipson second, and Mr. Jefferis third. The total markings of the winners out of the possible 600, are as follows: Purdy 517, Lipson 505, Jefferis 492.


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