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A Sunny Nature

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Lovely Woman's Best and Greatest Charm. WHAT A KKIGHT ANI ATTRACTIVE WO3U HS TO SA Y TO HER SISTEItS. Hovr n IIiii!.y a. 1 Jnjous Val ure Cnn JJc Acouiroil. Wooipn make the KiinKhine of life. Did yiu ever watch the flowers turn with irresistible persistwiee loward the suuliiibt? Si (Inés th bright. joyous, sunny natura f a woman irresistibly attract all to hr light-heartöd, merry, and bouyant Ppirits. Such a nature makes ulad the heart; it makeií happy the time. For a man, all the anxiety of huf-inesp, the weight of care, the glooin atid depressiou ot' spirits are diapersed as clouds by the sun betore the bright 8mile of ajoyous, happv w.fe. And it follows nn lesa surely that a croí-s woman, and never pleased, alI ways fatilt-ünding, disconiented ant j unhappy. will repel all wbo apprnach her, anti make those who should love j her shrink from her society. Now, the flrsi rfquisiie of good na ture isgcod health. No one outof health can have boundmg spirits and fuel particu'arly good-natured. It a woman feels Bervous.wpalr, tired, languid, lieless and miserable, experiences a faintnPSP, sense of fulness after eatiny, hits ii recular appetite, constipated bowels, frequent headaches waktful or difltarbed and unrefreshinf sleep, weak hack, baikache, dragging down pufbs, irregalarities, female weaknets, any or all these, it is impossible for her to be light-hearted ;iud happy. And in the spring these feelings are very prevaleut becaa-e of the torpid condition of tht; system after the winter She must he cured íírst, and, with returnirn; health, her old-tiine spirits wil come back. If women will follow cloely the advice and example of our bright nd attractive poni ent. Mis. Elmer Craig, of Le Roy, 111., they cnn easily attain both healti and good spirits. MRS. KLMER CRAIG. "I was stricken with nrvrms diseae," write.s Mrs. Craig, "which affected niy heart, head and f-tomaeh. I doctored with physicia-i-í of our town, hut. gor do relief from the terrible sick headaches, pain in the heart and stomach until I nsed Dr. Greene's Nervura bloo! and nerve lemedy. Before I used this wonderful medicine the nerves in my eve weie so alïected that I feared th: t. I WOU ld lose my sight. I would uet so nervous and weak I could not walk across the room without terrible pal pi tut ion of the heart. I hiid nor tikeo one bottle of Dr. Gieene's Xervura blood anrl nerve remedy, beiore my head aud eyes were cleared of their (iull afhing, and I am growing Rtronicer every day. I cannot do halt juatice in the piaise of this medicine." This wonderful remedy is the greatest boon to women eer discovered, and by its use you can be restored lo sound, vigorousand healthy wonianhood.Byall. means nseit now,in the spring,foreverybody needs a spring medicine at this season of the year. Tuis is the best of all spring medicines and is recommended as such by th doctor?, to invigorate the blood, stiengthen the nerves and start up the natural action of all the organs. You can procure it at the druggist-, for $1, and it is purely vegetable and h_aimlé8f. Indeed, it is the prescription of the gret specialis'. in chronic diseafec. Dr. Greene, of 35 W. 14th-8t, New York, who gives consultation free, peronally or by letter. Use ir. and il will bring back stiength to your nerves, l'reshness to your cooiplexion brightness toyour eyes, the bloom of heaith to your cheeks, elaaRticity and spring to your step, and rhj-t happiness and enjoyment of lite, which you have missed so long.


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