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The Rilies made $50 out of their masquerade. Aid. O'Mara is ahead a horse, won at a raflie. William Paul, of Pittsfield, is the happy fatlier of twins. The junior exhibition at the high school occurs March 17. John Ryan, of Beakes street, is the 'ather of a ten pound girl. Kev. L. D. Kelly preached in Ypsianti, Wednesday evening. The republican judicial convention will be held in Dundee March 14. The Frohibitionists nomínate a canlidate for judge at Dundee today. The baby boy of Louis Davenport, of Delhi Mills, died Sunday, of perionitis. Michael Klais died, Sunday, of conumption. lie left a wife and three hildren. Rev. Fr. Kugent, a most eloquent ;alker, lectures in St. Thomas' music ïall, March 17. Congressman Gorman paid his vepects to Vice-President Stevenson, Vednesday. Mrs. Mary J. Vaughn died, Mondar, at her residenee on Liberty street, ageü hfty-three years. Congressman Gorman voted for the onsideration of the anti-option bill in ,'ongress, Wednesday. Mrs. Clinton Spencer, of Lansmg, ormerly of Ypsilanti, has been apointed state librarían. John McLoy, a brakeman on the Ann Arbor road, was injured at How11 Junction, Sunday evening. The teachers took possession of the ity yesterday. It was the day for the egular teachers" examinations. Jusiice Butts presen ted John Downs nd William O'Brien with flve days in ail, Wednesday, for drunkenness. A horse stepped on August Shower's hand Saturday, while he was engaged n shoeing it at Wuster & Kern's shop. Alexander Rodgers died Tuesday of peritonitis, aged thirty years. He was n engineeron the Michigan Central. George II. Hammond, of the Seiniolon stock farm, Ypsilanti, has just paid $27,000 for Sitlney, a celebrated tallion. The I. O. G. T. are contemplating ; he making of an effort to raise $10,000 o erect a building for themselves in nn Arbor. _ J. J. Gibsou will be the official phoographer of the World'a Fair, witlij jermission to tak e photographs of vistors to the fair. George II. Kempf, of Chelsea, has been appointed assistant quartermaster general of the state militia with herank of captain. In the Unity Club course next Monlay evening, Prof. Heighard, of the 'niversity, will speak on "Heredity," and Prof. Thomas on a subject not anjounced. E. W. Borden, a tonner resident of he city, died at Britton and lus remains were brought to this city yesterlay for burial. He was seventy-one years of age. The "Supply Kitchen" at Ilarris hall was well patronized last Saturday, and seems to be growiug in favor. Try it next Saturday, all the supplies are home-made. Bittor coruplaints come from our boarding honses because the studenls have to drink hydrant water mixed with erude oil. The city shonld look after this nuisance at once. Miss Louise II. Spring died at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Sophie Spring, on Monday, aged eighteen years. She possi'ssed a high and amiable dispositiou and had many friends. The Kt. Hev. Thomas N. Dudley, 1). D-, LJ.. 1)., D. C. L., Bishop of Kentucky, will preach in st. Andiew's church next Sunday morning at halfpast ten. Bishop lHulley is a pulpit orator ol great power. Frank Otto, of Whitmore Lake, died of eonsumption, Wednesday. W. F. Bird addresses tbe temperance meeting Sunday afternoon. Ilenry Meuth sang a solo in St. Johu's churcli, Ypsilanti. Wednesday evening. Gus Fellows lias set his mind at work on a twiuereal which should take up all the surplus twine. He has got me which rolls all the twine back as 3oon as it is released and will get it 3atented. S. A.. Moran, Trof. Alonzo Stevens ) md N. D. Corbin have been elected iirectors of the Register Publishing 3ompany. Stevens is president, Corbin fice-president, and Moran secretary i,ud treasurer. The flrst lecture in the course before the Hobart Guild, on the Baldwin Foundation, will be given next Sunday ivening, in St. Andrew's church, at lialf past seven o'clock. See the announcement of the whole course elseivhere in this paper. A meeting of the Washtenaw Hortijultural Society will be held at the jourt house Saturday afternoon at tvvo j'cloek. ïhe subject for discussion will be "The Improvement of Roads." Prof. J. B. Davis and prominent farmjrs of the county will speak. Daniel Mosier, of Pougbkeepsie, Sew York, celebrated his eighty-sixth rirthday on the 17th of February. Ile s a brother of the late Mrs. Bailey, md an uncle to Torn and George Bailey, Mrs. Chauncey Orcutt, Aaron Long, Mrs. David King and Mrs. L. M. Coats. Rev. J. T. Sunderland will speak ïext Sunday morning at the Unitarian ihurch on "The Great Historie Creeds )f Christendom, their Origin, History, md Iniluence, and the Present Atti;ude of Tliought Toward Them." ïvening subject, "Restriction of Imnigration as a Solution to the Labor Problern." The following candidates have been lominated for village offices in Dexter, ;he election for which takes place next ilonday, the first named for each illice being on the citizens ticket and ;he second on the People's ticket: .'resident, Robert Sleator, W.C. Clark; ecorder, J. W. ]5arley both tickets; reasurer, O. C.Gregory, both tickets: trustees, J. W. Spoor, D. Quish, B. F. rksey, O. C. Bostwick, D. E. Waite; issessors, John L. Smith, Garrett Wall, joth tickets.