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Real Estate Transfers

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Furnished by the Jas. Kearns & Co. Abstract Office. Edwin Sandersou to W. II. Sweet, east half of lot 81, etc., II. W. Larzelere's addition, Ypsilanti, $300. Chas. W. Glover to N. J. Glover, lots 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, Park lïidge addition to Ypsilanti, $200. Albert McCorkle to Edwin Sanderson, east balf of lots 30 and 31, Larzelere'B addition, Ypsilanti, $l,L00. Eliza Marsh to Chas. 8. Houghton, lots ti and 7, Ilunter's addition to Ypsilanti, $1.00. Williain Stanbro to Marsena Holmes, 42-i acres on n e +, sec 24,, Salem, $1,■ 400. Marsena Holmes to William Stanbro, 34 roda of land off the e 4 of the s e i, sec 11, Salem, $400. Mast and Fogarty to George Mast, lots 15 rnd l(i, block 3, Onnsby and Page's addition to Aim Arbor, $800. Emma Wheelock, by administrator, to Emanuel II. Cook, w i n e i, sec 14, Bridgewater, $2,275. E. S. Booth, by executov, to Henry Booth, lot 10, block 10, Dexter villaje, $200. Allen & Brinkerhoff to S. E. Brinkerhol'f, land on the nortb side of Forest avenue, Ypsilanti, $1.00. Mortiraer W. Bush to Peter Fletcher, lot 1, block 1, Fenn's addition to Chelaea, $1,850. J. II. and T. II. Goodspeed to II. and I). Goodspeed. lot on east side of Main Street, block 1 sonth, range 4 east, Aim Arbor city, $1.00. Daniel Barton to James W. Barton, e i of s e i of set, sec 8, and s i of s v i and w i of s w i of s w i, sec 2, Lyndon, $2,50J. L. N. Clements to S. E. Sheldon, s ot lot ö, block 6 south, range 12 east, Ann Arbor city, $3,500. J. and N. Laphani to Orisia lde, lot 1, block 7, Cowan's addition to Manchester, iso. Oscai T. Kaal) to Charles Hildinger, ■2) acres on w J n w j-, sec i), Bridgewater, $900. j Williain Day to Hosella Munch, 20 acres on e ' n e i, sec 20, Yysilanti, $1,300. ! .Jane Jacobus to Khner Jacobus, smal] piece of land on block 3 north, rango lo east. Ann Arbor city, $175. Mary l'.ibl) til John Kirk, lots 82, 81 and 34, J)avis' addition to Ypsilanti, 862. Charles Hildinger and wife to üscai T. and Anule E. Baab, 50 acres ofl the s w , sec SS, Freedom, $4,500.