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■huujs. Lansing, Feb. 21.-In the house Representative Kline, of Washtenaw, lntroduced a resolution condemning the alleged action of the Kansas mob In demanding that Gov. Lowelling attach his signature to the peace measures The resol ution was opposed by the republicans, who dedared that U was an unwarranted interferenceinthe affairs of a sister state. After an hours discussion, In whloh party lines were olosely drawn, all referenee to thé matter was oraerea expungcd from the record by a slrict party vote. . Among the more important bilis tntroduced in the house were the following: Piohibiting prizo ngnttng; 'providine for a state highway commissioner: prohibilinf; the issuing of unauthonzed Insurance policies: providing for a stato board of mediation and arbitration; creating a state .board of examiiiers of candidates for admission to the bar; providing lor a uniform ballot and a continuous count at elections; compelling life insurance compantes to invest a speciüed portion of reserve on endowment policios in this state: to provide for woman's suffrage in the city of Detroit; providing that deputy sheriff shall reside three months in the state to be qualitied; creating a woman's denartment at tne Agrlcultural college, and establishing a woman's prison. Chairman Gordon of the judiciary committee, iniroduced several bilis prepared by the committee appointed by ex-Gov. Winans to confer with commissioners of other states relative to uniformity of laws relative to marriage and divorce, execution of wills, etc. Lansing, Feb. 22.- In the Uouse bilis were introduced to provide for the appointment of public administrators; requiring sleeping car companies to be licensed; to detach territory from Saginaw county and establish the county of Hoyt; to provide for a state board of pardons: to provide for v state examining board for the admisston of attorneys to the bar; to prohibit the hiring and importing of men for voting purposes; making an appropriation to aid the State Horticultural society to make an exhibit at the world's {air; to establish a state normal school in Muskegon eounty; to amend the law with reference to life insurance companies doing business in the state which requires a specitte tux on their premiums received in cash or otherwise over losses from death, maturity of policies, and dividends allowed to policy holders; to prevent the practice of treating. and providing a penalty therefor; a capital punishmentand an electrocution bill. Lansinc;, Feb. 23.- No business of importance was transacted in the house. Efforts of the members were directed towardgetting business in sucli shape that an early adjournment, as comparcd with previous years, may be reached. Jjansing, Feb. 24.- The house judiciary committee reponed a joint resolution for a constitutional amendment limiting the time for introduction of bilis to thirt.y-tive day.s; and also one In favor of the employment of convict labor on the public highways. It also amended ths senate joint resolution fixing the salary of members of the legislature aiitöDO. making it if750. A two days' adjournment will be laken March 9 for the legislators to visit the university at Anu Arbor and the state normal schoul at Ypsilanti. Senate. Lansing, Feb. 21.- In the senate among the 190 bilis introdueed were the following: Providing for the parole of convicts; prohibiting the manufacture and sale of cigarettes; appropriating $25,000 for the erection of a governor's mansión in Lansing; creating a state railroad and warehouse commission; prohibiting insurance companies from issuing policies which prevent the payment of the amount of such policies to the estáte of legal heir of the insured; providing for the payment of brakemen for overtime; taxing companies running sleeping, passenger, freight or stock cars; preventing the coerción of employés by employers, and providing for the final determination of controversies concerning the appointment of presidential electors. Lansing, Feb. 22.- The senate held a brief session and the following bilis were introduced: Mftktng an appropriation to aid the State Horticultural society in making an exhibit at the world's fair; establiahing a rate of fare to be charged by sleeping car companies; lixing the limit within which suits íor personal injuries may be brouglu, and providing a metliod for the selection of candidatës for all elective offices. Lansing, Feb. -'3.- Wednesday was the last day in which bilis could be introduced in the legislature. and niany were presented to both houses on Tuesday and Wednesday. The record of the two houses for the session shows a total of about 1,500 bilis and joint resolutions. The senate shows an increase of nearly 201) over two years ago, while the house ís nearly even. Lansing, Feb. 24.- No business of importance was transacted in the senate. Resolutions eommending the choice of Benton Hanchett, by President Harrison. to be the succegsor of Judge Jackson as judge of íhe Sixth district, were adopted. Lansing, Feb. 2S.- In the senate the house ■world's fair appropriation bilí was taken from the table and the substituto reported by the committee, reducing the amount from ïnO.000 to Í20.000, was non-concurred in and the original bilí went on the general order.


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