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Democratic Judicial Convention

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The democratie judicial convention was held in Dundee, Tuesday. The strike on the Aun Arbor road prevented the Washtenaw delegation from reaching Dundee until half-past one o'clock, excepting N. Schuiid, Joseph Gauntlett and Dr. McLachlin, who had driven over. The convention temporarily organized by electing Joseph Gauntlett chairman and August Weier secretary, and adiourned to await the arrival of the Washtenaw delegation. On reassembling f uil delegations were reported present. The following delegates were present from Washtenaw: Jas. E. Bach, T. A. Bogle. N. Schniid, S. W. Beakes, J. F. Schuh, F. A. Howlett, John Wade, C. F. O'IIearn, Jas. Higgs, W. W. Watts, Philip Duffy, M. J. Cavanaugh, A. Brown, D. P. McLachlin, John Gillen, J. P. Kirk, Herman Reyer, Jos. Gauntlett, P. H. O'Brien, F. II. Belser and Frank Jones. The following committees were appointed: Besolutions- T. A. Bogle, Chas. E. Golden. Permanent Organizatian - A. B. Bragdon, J. P. Kirk. Credentials- J. R. Bach, J. F. Schuh was made permanent chairman. The work of nominating a jndge was quickly done. A. B. Bragdon nominated Edward K. Gilday and ï. A, Bogle nominated M. J. Lehnian. The flrst ballot resulted, Gilday, 20; Lehman, 7; scattering, 7. Mr. Gilday's nomination was made unanimous. Good f eeling prevailed and Mr. Gilday was sent for to appear before the convention, liis remarks being vigorously applauded. The committee on resolutions reported as follows: Resolved, that this Convention heartily congratúlales the country at large and the Democracy in particular upou the recent grand and glorious victory which has again made possible a government of the people, by the people and for the people; in the inauguration of America's grand man, Grover Cleveland, and in the possibility before us, that vvith a Democratie House and a Democratie Senate the class legislation of the last 30 years may be wipod from our statute books. That we cordially endorse the declarations of principies of the late State Convention, and pledge to the cause of Demoeracy our hem ty, earnest and uudivided support. That iuasmuch as President Cleveland and his Democratie successors in the executive chair must draw from the ranks of Demoeracy ror the future executive and judicial offlcers of the country, it behooves to be instant in season and out of season in support ol Democracy and its candidates. The report was unanimously adopted The following judicial committee was selected: A. B. Bragdon, W. W. Watts and S. W. Beakes.


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