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Holt, 'gs, had the raisfortune to break his thumb while boxing, Saturday. Dr. Frank Bristol will deliver the second lecture of the Wesleyan Guild lectures, at the M. E. church, Sunday evening, March 19. L. A. Dennest and Geo. A. Katzenberger, laws '90, have compiled a neat directory of their class, giving their present address and occupation. Prof. Cooley was not be able to give his address before the Inland League, Monday evening, being unavoidably detained in Chicago. He will appear at a later date. There was no meeting Monday evening. The folio wing will be the judges of the annual oratorical contest in University Hall, Friday evening, March 17: Onthought and composition, Rev. W. W. Carson, Detroit, Prof. Kuight, of the Ohio Statej University, Columbus, O., and Major Kirkland, Chicago; on delivery, Ferris S. Fitch, ex-superintendent of Public Instruction, Judge Claudius B. Grant, of the supreme court of Michigan. The third judge has not yet been definitely decided on, although it is probable tliat Prof. Barbour, of Ypsilanti, will be asked to serve in that capacity. Those who missed the valuable course of lectures given during the last semester by Prof. Thompson, will be wiser as to the series which will be given during the coming weeks by Dean Knowlton. This, also, will be a rare course of lectures, and will furnish aunique contribution in legal literature. No writer has heretofore treated, fully and thoroughly, the topics Prof. Knowlton has chosen for discussion. To miss these lectures, therefore, will be to miss something which cannot el'sewhere be obtained. Blackstone has declarcd that the "very fundamentals of English Law were' derived from the jurisprudence of the Jews. The following are the topics he will discuss, with an outline of the introductory lecture: . 1. Introduction: (1) Sources of Information, (a) , The Scriptures, (b)Talmudic Law, (c) General Histories. (2) History of the Law. (3) Judaea and its Horizon. 2. The People and the State. 3. Political Parties. 4. The Schools, the Synagogue and the Sanh rfrin. 5. Temple Worship and Life under the Law. 6. Criminal Jurisprudence. 7. The Trial of Christ f rom a Lawyer's View. _ The first lecture will be given March iĆ³th, in the law lecture room, at 7:30 p. m.


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