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Saved His Life

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Scrofuia- ímpure Vaccination - Beyond Hope But Hood's SarsaparWa Effecte&a Perfect Cure Joseph Harpei Trenton, N. J. " Weare as siire that Hood's Sarsaparillasaved our son Joseph's life as that the suu shines. Five yeai-3 ago on board ship our three boys were vaccinated. Joseph had a very sore arm, so bad at one time that we were afraid it would have to be taken off. At length it seeraed to get well, but about two months alter, he began to complain of soreness and pain in tlie vaccinated arm. He had occasionally shown some signs of Bcrofula, but notlnng serious. His arm, however, grew worse and vvorse and became swollen and covered with sores. The inflammation and sores also spread all ver his bdy, and he was a mass of corruption, Pitiable to Behold, A niisery to himself and almost breaking our hearts with anguish over his dreadful eondition. Many a time did I wish he wn dead and out of his niisery. " The eruptlon was especially severa back of his ears and over hls head and the lower-part of his face. 'We had to cut oil ail his hair we could, as it was impossible to comb through the mass of hard crust and matter. Fhysicians did hitn no good, and three specialists at the Eye and Ear Hospital said Nothing Could be Dono. They said it was a blood disease caused by impure vaecination. One night I happened to be reading in a paper about Hood's Sarsaparillá, and decided to try it. , "White taking the flrst bottlc, Joseph did not grow any worse ; on the second, we noticed that ha was improving, and, slowly but surely, the medicine drove away the disease and won a complete victory. The scales and scabs began to f all off ; the sores gradually healed up, and Hood's x Cures new, smooth and healthy skin formed in place of the disease and corruption. Of course ittook time, but Improvement was steady until at the end of the year the disease had entirely disappeared, and Joseph stood a strong and healthy hoy. He is at school and progressing „pidly in his studies. ■ We and all the neighbors regard bis cure as a ■fcc miricle. James Haeper, heater in llng & Son's Kolling Mili, residence, No. 1 :- División Street, Trenton, N. J. HOOD'S PlLLS cure Constipation by restorng the peristaltic action of the alimentary canal.


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