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THE ELIXER OF YOUTH! Ir I fin l&ÏAPtll I Iulnn9' oarf nOrbfl blïiilQ ! r Iw ' ïtisnotif youaronot ín posBessIon of Va", fnü - aRn '" publit; a true and trusty remedy, the SM%hSM ELIXÍR OF YOUTEÍ, íwPÍL?wWMMw A Psitive, speïdv, safe and reliable selentiflc 'rfetfflí':'í'8f Z.'lawl?Tra? c-ompüund, niHi.ufactutedouly by skilled . Sfi&jjCSgj'-Kf? , iKi,ïiom ihepic:í:ripuonoííiGermanpjyKiciaa raASPl Weguaranteo tlus Eliriv torestore! jj?r"ht3jy[jgBT?Tffia cure for ISpermatori bea, Loss oí Y■ ' ' Tu_" !_ jlii lrnissjons and all Seminal Weakness. We pulj ' ■ .in1 ■ ' "■ lista no ñames, but have on file sworu ir-stmio nials of the wonderful resultó produced by ihis elixir, wliicii we are authurized lo uow oa upplication oí anyone requlring such a medicine. SE A MAN ACAIft. We charge no exhorbltant prlce, nor do we offer you a quaek nostrum.but a legitímate and sclentlfle preparatíon, whicb wlll suiely do all we claim for it. Tne Elixir is put, up Id 4 oz. bottles, and retalls for $1.00, or 6 for $5.00. Tbis valuable remedy will be found on sale by all leading druígists. Each druggist has on file awori testimoniáis of the wouderful cores producedby this Elixir, and the proprietors confidentiy refer ail inneed ofit to them. The Cernían HospitaKRemedy Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. For Sale bv all Drngeists.


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