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Secretary of Agriculture Morton is credited with raising 1,35 bushels of corn on a twenty acre lot on his Nebraska farm. The present republican speaker of the North Dakota legislature has left the republican party and joined the democracy, on the ground that the republican party is dominated by the railroad corpora tions. And still they come. It is not now general election time, and so the Courier, as the republican mouthpiece in this county, is not engaged in the laudable business of twisting the lion's tail. The Courier of this week says that this country "has only one natural ally, and that is Great Britain. " How this would have sounded a few months ago! The next circuit judge must be a Democrat. If the party organization is to be held together Democrats must stand shoulder to shoulder and more especially is this the case when to defeat two Monroe Democrats in succession must necessarily crĂ©ate a breach between the democracy of the two counties tied together in so many ways, a breach that it would be hard to heal. The next circuit judge must be a Democrat. The next circuit judge for this district was nominated in Dundee Wednesday. He made a most favorable impression upon the delegates who met him after the nomination. He had the solid support of his home delegation, and it included in its ranks the brightest lawyers in the county. He is a popular man, of quiet (femeanor, good judgment, a good lawyer and safe counselor, who enjoys one of the largest practices in Monroe, a gradĂșate of the law department of the University of the class of 1875, a good democrat, who has served several terms as mayor of Monroe, and who has always run ahead of his ticket the several times he has been before the people of his county, being always elected by good majorities. Edwin R. Gilday is a man the democracy of the district can confidently present to the people of the district for circuit judge.


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