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She Proves It

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And the Proof is Just Wliat Our Readers Want. Of How it Began She Hasn't ths Siightcst Idea. Bul Concerning lts Ending She is Explicit and Exact. We Bever know just how a thing begins. i But we are always certain of the results which are left. These rerlections were called out by the fact that it is so easy to drift into anything. In this world we must keep our eyes about us or we shall constantly find ourselves drifting into trouble. We cali to mind an instance in which a most estimable lady unconsciously and without knowing when or how, allowed herself to drift into what became_ to her a most serious matter and caused inany years of anxiety and suffering. This lady is widely known - Mrs. Mary Jane Foster, of 327 West 2ist street, New Yorfe City, and what she says are true and exact facts, as can be easily and readily ascertained by anyone. H experience is of any use, hers is certainly a revelation to be heeded by all. Without knowing their meaning she had a dull feeling head, headaches, dizziness, bad taste in the mouth, especially mornings. Her sleep was broken and she would wake mornings feeling tired and exhausted. After a time the appetite became irregular, there was a fullness or bloated feeling after nieals, risings of gas, sourstomach, biliousness and constipation, - such sympoms, in fact as people frequently experience during the spring of the 'ear. MRS. MARV JANE KOSTER. "Why," she said, "for years after I suffered from the worst form of dyspepsia, with gas and fermenta tion offood, and terrible spasms that seemed to start at the stomach and rise to the head. "Even the lightest food caused great pain and distress after eating, and I also suffcred vvith great exbaustion, di.ziness ot' the head, and weakness of the limbs so that I could scarcely stand on my feet. "But 1 am now completely cured by the use of Dr. Greene's Xervura blood and nerve reinedy, and I take pleasure in giving my experience to the public in order that other sufferers may be cured as I have been." Look out for such troubles ra the beginning. Now, in the spring, when everybody is certain to be more or less out of order and needs a spring medicine, take Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve reniedy immediately, for it is the best and surest of all spring medicines. It will invigorate the blood, strengthen tne nerves and give you perfect digestiĆ³n and regular action of liver, kidneys and bowels. All druggist keep it for $t.oo, and it is purely vegetable and harmless. Ft is thegreat remedy recommended by doctors for spring debility and diseases because it is the discovery and prescription of the well-known physician, Dr. Greene, of 35 VV. I4th Street, New York, the successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases. The doctor can be consulted without charge by anyone, eitb'er at his office or by writing to him.


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