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A Trying Situation

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Ihe day was in that transitory state when twiliglit lingera in the lap oí day anddartoessstrugglesfor the ascen'. ny;, lhJe sun hung in a great red ball ot lund tlame betwixt lieaven and earth; there was a feelingof profound quiet which seemed to settle on all tnings anímate aud inanimate. The birds, the insects, the very trees and sprouting plHiits were for the moment nusned as if in expectancy of some unroreseen. some inexplicable something which seemed to pervade the very atmosphere. A buil frog gurgled softly as he feil back mto the limpid water Stiddenly over the brow of a distant nul, there appeared a beautiful givl -a modern Diana. Seated upon a large grey horse, she turned her large brown eyes to the four points of the compass heaving a sigh she murmured, "Nine o clock and Brude Michals not here yet, but I will not despair. The lamp o( hoüe is not easily extinguished in hearts that truly love, besides Bud RemiL) has asked me to go and see 'My Aunt Sally,' which appears at the brand Opera House, Monday night.1' Javvkins - "I can't see what pleasure old Miss Scraggs can find in that diabolical parrot. It's enough to drive one to the madhouse." Hogg- "Pleasure, myboy? Lots of it. Don'tyou suppose sheknows perfectly well how much it annoys everybody else?"


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