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CARPETS ! Spring is in oar thoughts and the calendar and may possibly bein the weather. At any rate Spring Carpets, new and novel in design, handsome in pattern, and harmony itself in coloring, always attracts. Axminstersof the "best makers. Moquettes made by firms with a reputation. Body Brussels whose wearing qualities are unexcelled. Velvets in patterns which charm everyone. Tapestj-y Brussels eual to Body in appearance and wear . Agras - the new ingrains - handsome as Brussels and Avear b etter. Best Ingrains in a bewildering array of new designs of exquisite colorings and of superior wearing quality. OUR MOTTO: "Not, hoto cheap; hut, how good." Portierres.- In the latest colorings. Tambour Curtains ? Silk Curtains ■LL■ Irish Point Curtains, ■ "f Nottingham Curtains, ?■""? RugS. - An important purchase of Moquette and Smyrna Rugs enables us to offer the most complete assortment ever shown in Ann Arbor. Linoleums.- Weare agents forthe iamous Joseph Wild's Linoleum, and carry a full line. 2O S. MAIN ST. A Shïrjiijg Light. x ï V ' I? o 5 3 Out over the dark business seas is that cas every direction byupriht dealing:. We pride oursetvee on a reputatkm bo far reachingr and so honorably won. Goodyoar's Drug Store. KÏ. BILBIE, Yiolinist Pvipil of Sauret. Auer tbreeyeare' turïy at the 'Strn Conservatory." Berlin. Geruiany, uuder eminent teachers in Solo, Ensemble, aud Theorj-; also under professors of the Beriïn Hig-h School" is now pre pared u tuke pupils at lus rooms ia the Ann Arbor Organ Campanas Building, Cor. Main and Liberty Sis.y V3ST.TST VI? 3OIR-. P"Terms made known n npplication. .L Estáte of Caroline Gwinner. STATK OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY oí WnhtmKV, bö. At a sessioa of the Probato Couitfortb' Omutrv f V;ubtcuw, holden at the Probate Ui the C ty oí Aun Aror, on Fridav. !hf ihnd ii ot Maroh, iu the year one th-Mtuand pur In hundifd and niuoty-three, i..).Wiikiri 'nhhitt, Jiulxf of Probate. matter m i h wtate ot Caroliue Gwinncr vá. On rníinjf I ti '.sí tN-petition, tUily veiiiied, 01' obit ü praying kfaat adüiinistr iti' i: '(' sU m,i!( n: y b% grsntod to hunsell or .soui' othcx u jii'l ' TbOQ. Therenp-Mi ■ - -red, that Tuesday, the fourïh cay .-f ip-) nxt, tt ten o'clock ba ■oivii'iMj, .. ■ t the hearing oi sald "jiitl rï ; ■ ■ '.'i-s at law of aid de'e;iM-i! .. t ;.., ïntereatecl ia said estáte. ■ ppear at a aeasiou í e bolden at the Probaitj Olii'-f. 'ii ; ! au Arbortin s iid C0Utiy and howoSufctíf j tLce be, why thepraycrol ' thpet l.oifcr sltKï'kl i' le gran tea. And it La fürtber ordered I ; vïd petitiuer glve notict ïo tfce pe i-nB in . 'r-ted in wiitt catate ot the penderu-v ol said x u ion, and the hearing thereo' ÖTcausiut i oo(iy oi thia order to bc published in the Ann Abvchr argts, a uewspaper printed and dTciiUtod ni said iíounty, tb ree successive weeka parevioas to tutid Jsy of hearine, ). WÍLI.AKD BABBITT, J,A truecopTj Jdsre of Probate. ' G. lrv. Probate Register.


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