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The O. B. Miller Co.

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102-104 Michigan Ave,, Detroit, E JAY CARBING-TON, BÜuel'ioía S'louísju. lMMk Denver: DR. H. W. MARSH, ' President. '''"''"'"MH'wa.ikce'Vi01"' 1 Ml Sïv A"y National Bank '" DenverOlüef Consulting Physician. __ TTTiT? O T? TVTTT T "87T? sus psi Y-,t-ín -"ir-r -ri-r-% -i - ■ a tt oi t-t -x -in w.n ! Hy permission, we refor to a few patients in this State. Over 2,500 more rcfcrcnces in MichiDUS. MILLlfiXi and MAfioM, 01 the O. lii. Ml lier ga and other States, are at yoür disposal for investigation. In wnting, patients kindly endose TTanTiia T1viiiQ+-TVïö--i-f Cr ttt-iH Vo in stamped and addressed envelope for reply. Xiernia X l ea tlHeill O., V111 De Hl R WATERMAN, 66 East Washington St., Ann Arbor. THOS. CUNNINGHAM, 1006 Hamlen Si.. Jackson. Rev. N. H. UOLSEN, Les Cheneaux Mistión, Hessel. C. B. CHARLES, Commission Merchant, l'.angor. 841 faW Knm j II aüiJISJi W Ba !■! ALb'eRT LIl-TLEVeTchantRicMltld. RICHARD BRADT, Retired, Eaton Rapids. llliSI" Hit ÊF U m ML % IBÍ W f tB F B H E5 'BSy F 1 J. w. MAJOR, Lumberman, Woodburn. PETER LEASIA, Farmer, BridgqDOrt. O. M. CLEMENT, Lansiug Knitting Co., Lansing. E. G. HOWE, iarmer. Box 1224, Flint. From MONPAV MOR1ÍÍ1ÍG, March ZOÏh taqèll SATÜRPAY 1ÍÍGIÍT, Í,%S3t ]ÍSK-St. MarcK 2Stiï, prepared to èreai and ClirC Uoon COndiiionS TOHN I.. IACKSOÑ. Prop. Mach. andEnine Works, Saginaw. naited aboVe, al) persoqs Stlíferlljg froip rüpilire. If you cannot feil, write to headquartrs for further information, Ulustraied Pamphlct and Michigan references. All Free. Address, Consultation, Examination and Advice Free.


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