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AADL-GT Round 1 Results: Damily Dominant

by ejk

This past Saturday marked some significant milestones in the proud history of the AADL-GT series. We had our first real workout of the new library Wiis while moving our official Smash Bros. competition up to Brawl. We also had our first online competition with other libraries, playing in a small elimination tournament against the Detroit Public Library and the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. New clans were the order of the day as the newly formed Whole Famn Damily racked up the points. Even with changes, traditional powers found their way to the top of the leaderboard.

The first event of the day featured Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii with our single player tournament. 54 players divided into 16 four-player pools, with AADL-GT regulars Juggleguy, aikem, Tub O Lard, limabean, Solon, and Hot_ArmS each going a perfect 4-0 in their free-for-all and 3 head=to-head matches. As the top 32 moved to head-to-head elimination, these top players all moved on. However, the round of 16 brought losses for Tub O Lard, aikem, and Juggleguy to Solon, SwordSensei and TutuOfAllTradesYetMasterOfNone respectively. With 8 challengers remaining, limabean's streak came to an end against Funzo, who was joined in the top 4 by Solon, Jacob K, and Hot_ArmS. The final epic battle of unbeatens concluded the event as Hot_ArmS emerged victorious over Solon, with Jacob K taking third place over Funzo. In addition to their prize winnings, the top four also were invited to represent the AADL in our online matches against DPL and PLCMC.

Team Smash brought the clan battles to the forefront as top teams FusterCluck representing clan The Whole Famn Damily, and Lard-in-Box representing clan We're Better than Special Ops making it to the top four. But they fell to teams AsianInvasion and WePwn representing clan Asian Invasion in the semi-finals, with team AsianInvasion taking the top spot.

As Mario Kart Wii is still near impossible to obtain, the switch to Mario Kart brought back the gamecube's Mario Kart Double Dash for single player pools. Three Kart Masters topped the pool leaderboard with perfect finishes in their four pool races: D-Rex, Dale W and Johninabox. As we moved to elimination races, Johninabox won the first semi-final with Dale W moving on with a third place finish and D-Rex was eliminated with a fifth place finish. Our second semi-final saw Juggleguy win, moving on to the final race. The final 8-player race's top four finishers all came from the first semi-final, with Dale W taking top place, followed by Tru dog, aikem, and Johninabox taking 4th.

The team Mario Kart event wrapped up the afternoon's regular events with 3 qualifying races and one final. Jewels&Money took the top spot, followed by Lard-in-a-box, NinjaPimps and FusterCluck rounding out the top 4.

The last event of the day was the Clan Battle, which pits the top 4 Clans against each other: The Whole Famn Damily with 7155 points, We're Better Than Special Ops with 6580 points, Asian Invasion with 6090 points, and A Solo Special Ops with 5590 points. As the Asian Invasion Clan didn't stick around to play Mario Kart, they automatically lost and we were down to the top 3 clans. Four brawl matches commenced, each with a representative from all three clans. The Whole Famn Damily came in first in three of the four matches, ensuring a place in the finals. The battle between Better Than Special Ops and A Solo Special Ops came down to the last match, where We're Better Than Special Ops lived up to their name, grabbing first place, while A Solo Special Ops were eliminated with a third place finish in the match. The surprise game for the Wii was Dr. Mario, and the difficulty level for the first of two match ups was set a bit too low, resulting in what appeared to be an endless match. Victory eventually came to The Whole Famn Damily as the screen filled with bitter pills for Better Than Special Ops. With the memory of Kirby's Dream Course not yet forgotten, the difficulty setting was bumped up appropriately for the second match. The Whole Famn Damily quickly won again, claiming victory in the round 1 Clan Battle.

Round 2 is September 20 in the downtown library, which may be the debut of Mario Kart Wii for single player Kart. See you next month!


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we have always made it to the last round in the clan cup..... but we never seem to win,

PS: any one else notice that i NEVER play in the final game........ if i play perhaps we will win.

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l love how insanely bettr i am than jacob K and how insanly easy of a bracket he got. We really need to change thta bs, so that total n00bs look they they actually have any skill.

That's actually a good point. Pools should be balanced by skill, but in the elimination rounds the seeding is based upon just that event's results for the first round of elimination, and then it's random after that.

What do you guys think? Should the tie-breakers for seeding be based upon the results just in that event or lifetime stats?

/*== [:/ejk|ejk] ==*/

just that event because its a new game, if you use lifetime stats then that would basically be their melee stats which is not brawl, and of course don't seed people against their own clanmates unless its like the finals or something

sup people

p.s. whoever owns the civic with license plate "NOOB" is the greatest person ever, i actually lol'd when i saw that

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

i think we should have a round robin brawl only tourney just for people who are aadl eligible, and base stuff off of that,... of course its just an idea..., and any1 who misses it just gets placed at the bottom of the seeds until we gather enough data from the the main tourney
EDIT only n00bs spell n00b NOOB

"i like brawl more than melee now, cuz it's the one ive been playing more"
- M2K

there ya go, true quote, too bad you guys cant see the actual post cause its in smashboard's backroom

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Lol i hacked the smash backroom when they were doing mantenince yesterday, it was like, amazing...

Im not gonna be here for the smash singles but for everything else i shd be

Are we doing mario kart wii or DD? if were doing DD i dont need to practice...

Ore no hou ga 1337, shine! [gtlogo:BNC]

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lol that was a pretty great round IMO, also lachlan im grateful that u left, it allowed me to participate in smash singles lol.
@Arjan our dittos matches were pretty nice
@jacob we never had ours but your MK isn't too bad
lol there jut isn't room for a jiggs main in a room without jiggs lol.
A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

i still cant believe our comeback against arjuns team, that was too good.......i dont even know how it happened lol

im not undefeated anymore -_-

also aadl pwns all the other libraries ^.^

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

yea harms i think we just fell apart we were ahead 2 stock... lol that is sad sob*
you were at 178 but we just couldn't kill you lol, i must admit well played.

Tutu, you do realize that we would be playing that tournament until next month :P Round Robins even with small numbers of people take ages. Pools are better, sometimes you just get unlucky.

Eli, thanks for running the tournament again, and good choice on the clan game ;)

My only complaints (cause I always have to complain) are that all stages were on, and that you didn't use ITG for the DDR tournament. I talked to some of the other good players and they all said they liked ITG better as well.

Thanks again.

lol your statement = incorrect.
"sometimes you just get unlucky" this implies that im consistently not unlucky. Lol Lady luck dumped me a looooong time ago.
also like i said... i could just make the seeds...
EDIT: Eli can we make the maximum character length for names 32 letters, please?

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im back from blue lake after missing the olympics, the rock band tourney, and the opening smash kart tourney i hope youre all happy! but now im back to annoy you to death, tutu (hahaha).

first question: did lain appear?
second question: at the smash kart tourney, was there rock band?
third question: who won $40 for smash?
fourth question: who won $40 dollars for kart?
fifth question: did tutu lose his voice talking trash again?
sixth question: didnt shin graduate?
final question: what was banned?

"'Accidental' pauses while being chaingrabbed or guarding against a Ness's up+b recovery will not be tolerated." - lain

hi angus

first answer: nope
second answer: nope
third answer: I won $60 =)
fourth answer: Dale. W
fifth answer: Not sure, i know he was trash talking.........until a 6th and 7th grader beat him and marcus in teams (my bro and his friend) =)
sixth answer: no the roysters are sophomore and junior i believe
final answer: 75m, new pork city, temple, flatzone? not sure about that one cause doomblaze played in that stage for teams

thank god i didnt get that lamed by items

p.s. my bro and his partner got 2nd in teams, he got $15 for that, so with the help of the $75 we got guitar hero =) whoever wants to play me let me know, i need to get better, i can only do the easy songs on hard so far lawl

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

lol i was only trash talking to ppl i wasnt playing, and the kid who beat me in my ffa match because, well i was just messing around with falcon, and he was pikachu, and he got both a final smash and a dragoon, lol he thought he was sweet,2 stocked him in 1v1.(needs to be more than 2 stock matches, dragoon has a tendancy to appear a lot more tthan anythiong else, and following dragoon is smash balls)... and marcus lol (need a new partner) had to carry his garboness, lol i was playing like 2v1 the entire time so yeah im proad of where i got lol. I think we got 4 stocked? not too sure lol
also i remeber a certain capsule exploding in your face, id call that getting lamed by items
Full moon FTW

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tutu what happened to your skill........hot_arms got $60 at the last tourney? lol

"'Accidental' pauses while being chaingrabbed or guarding against a Ness's up+b recovery will not be tolerated." - lain

Bad bracket...notice my complainng about jacob K getting fourth due to an uber easy bracket... after pools i plyed gann, then juggleguy, then swordmaster. gann= decent, juggleguy= him getting destroyed by spear piller, swordmaster=tier armor lol, also lylat saved him twice, but hes the one who wanted to do fd so im not really gonna john about that, also im not sure as to who has more skill... even if i do have more skill its not enough(yet) to covor up top tier BS. Also in teams... marcus was my partner... hes so bad at brawl... just like the rest of special ops, its just marcus spamming woith IC's julian spamming d-smash with MK, and Jacob K, the worst zelda ive ever seen. Thats why i quit last second, lol i didnt evn think that aaron and riley were gona let me in their clan... i just didnt want to be in a clan of no skill spammers lol
so john wanna team next tourny? i mean for smash...
Full moon FTW

In reply to by The Melancholy…

i still remember gann hes that guy who didnt appear for his race in mushroom city until the third lap and just used that time to disorient people by driving in the opposite direction............good times

btw tutu ill team with you if you accept my offer....i mean, youve seen me right? thanks to lain and you, i have figured out that you can tech in brawl, as well as chain throw with dedede. then again john got the wii in december.....

speaking of which, i saw your "Big Chi-Chi No. 1 in the AADL-GT OOH" taunt on tv as well as lain not make the top ten in mkdd on television. elis like, during the dream course game, "youre all playing like a bunch of old ladies right now"..........good times indeed.

In reply to by Angus (not verified)

btw lain come to the grudge awards i want to have the honor of being pwned by you one last time.....

"'Accidental' pauses while being chaingrabbed or guarding against a Ness's up+b recovery will not be tolerated." - lain

lol triple commenting....

swordmaster if youre still there i was wondering if you would team with my friend

hes been previously known as shane king of gorons and has some experience.....just wondering

im really looking forward to a regulation tournament soon.....

"'Accidental' pauses while being chaingrabbed or guarding against a Ness's up+b recovery will not be tolerated." - lain

In reply to by Angus (not verified)

lol at your comment about gann and mario kart. I totally one upped that. When it was my turn tp pick a stage i picked rainbow road and spent the entire race messing w/ people via lightnigh bolts and blue shells. Next race... i just left lol. i got my 10 points lol... We REALLLLLLLLLLY Need to stop playing gamecube games, and just switch over to Mario Kart wii.
Full moon FTW

Hey juggleguy would you be able to bring your recording equipment to the next tourney?

i want some matches recorded lol

@angus- I'm swordmaster lol i changed my name, and sorry but i already have a partner

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Hi, everyone.

I was wondering what kinds of controllers were used for the Brawl tournament.

My questions:

1) What kinds of controllers were used?
2) Which controllers do people prefer for Brawl?
3) What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the four types of controllers?

I hope to use your input to help me make a decision about what to use for my own tournaments.


In reply to by librian

Why hello there. If you are new to the AADL GT, welcome. I'm Mike, and I don't necessarily work at the libraries, though I do provide support to keep things moving smoothly (except for my absences this season.)

To start off, I'll answer your question. For our Wii and Gamecube games, we use only Gamecube controllers. The main reason is we have eight televisions playing eight games. I'm not too familiar with the Wii-mote, but I do know that it has a select amount of channels, and programming that many wii-motes to that many wiis at the same time would be very difficult.
On that note, we do not use the steering wheel attachment for the wii-motes because we prefer to play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! over Mario Kart for Wii. It's much more fun for our multiplayer aspects for obvious reasons.
We also prefer Gamecube controllers because of their universality. The gamecube controller will work for nearly every game on the wii. We also use it because we still have many left over from older tournaments with our gamecube games. Another reason is how newer players can adapt to it much quicker than to the complicated feeling of a wii-mote.
We prefer not to use the classic controller for simple reasons such as "Why bother, people are more familiar with the gamecube controller anyways."

If you represent your own library, and you would like to join the GT System, I'm not the one to talk to, I'd prefer you e-mail Eli (, and let him know. You should also refer to the <a href="">GT System Wiki</a>. Also, if you have any more questions about your own tournament, you could post here again and wait for me to answer, or you could still contact Eli. He runs these tournaments, and I'll bet he'd be happy to answer any question you would have.

(There Eli, how's that for a welcome?)

PS. Eli, what exactly is Ubuntu? Is it a collection of open source software, or is an OS in it's entirety? It sounds quite interesting and I may be willing to install it on a spare HD to try it out.


Thanks for the info, Mike. I appreciate your timely response.

I'm both a librarian and a gamer, and I have successfully hosted four tournaments featuring various games at my college library over the last two years. This fall, we are indeed having a Brawl tournament. Naturally, the students are asking questions about which controllers to use, so I've decided that it's time to make a decision and post it to their email threads. I've also been searching endlessly on, and have been trying to narrow down the list. With their info, I've definitely ruled out the Wiimote (without the nunchuck).

I own a GameCube and a PS2, so we have had a wide variety of game titles available for the tournament (Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Guitar Hero II, and DDR-Max 2). Now with my purchase of a Wii (and the additional hardware contributed by our staff and students), I feel that our tournaments can expand to the next level.

Your information is very helpful. It has a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of each of the controller types. Now the only thing I need to do is double check with the other people providing hardware to make sure that we have all of our bases covered.

Finally, thank you for providing contact info for Eli. I've read his book and seen him speak last winter. I am indebted to him, as well as the other librarians across the country who have mixed their passions and professions with dynamic results.

AADL, keep up the great work. Thanks again for the info, Mike. Have a great day.


- librian

what library is this at if you dont mind me asking?

and yeah go on smashboards to look at recommended rules and stages

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me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Hi, Hot_ArmS (and everyone else who's reading this).

The tournament will be at the Ham Library @ Rochester College. We're a private religious college in Rochester Hills. I have dubbed our tournament events with the moniker: GAME ON! The Ham Library staff has put on four successful tournaments in the last two years, and it really draws the college students into the library.

The library is pretty small in size (but we do all right for a school of about 1,000 students). We only have enough space for 88 people in the library (including staff), so we generally restrict event attendance to the Rochester College community, plus family and friends. If it wasn't for that restriction (and our budget), I'd love to open the event to more people. Of course, if you have a relative or a friend who works or studies at our school, we'd love to see you there.

You can look us up on Facebook. Just search for "Ennis & Nancy Ham Library" or "Revenge of GAME ON" and you'll be sure to see us.

Have a great day, everyone, and keep on brawlin'. GAME ON!


Well, you're very welcome. I'm happy to be of help. Even though I have aged out and I'm ineligible, I try my best to keep these tournaments going.


Nicely done, EBD! I've emailed him (we've actually met before) and I'll answer his questions offline, but I think he'd like to hear if any of you advocate brawl control schemes other than the gamecube controller... Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (is that even culturally relevant to you guys? =)

I personally think that banning any control scheme is a poor choice simply because different ppl play with different schemes. For instance i use the gamecube controller, but i doubt any1 but me is actually able to use the setup that i use...
everything else is the same though...
Also i used the wii-mote and nunchuk b4 i got a -legit- Cube controller, and if say i ha dbeen unable to get a -legit- Cube controller it would of been uber lame if i had been forced to use the cube controller.
And yes Buelle is relevent to use, or at least those of us my age and older...
Full moon FTW

I was going to mention (but my post was already too big) that in smaller tournaments with, for example, four or less consoles, it wouldn't hurt to use the Wii-mote. The reason is, in larger tournaments such as ours, the constant switching between wii-motes and gamecube controllers would be a pain. So in smaller tournaments using a wii-mote at the player's decision shouldn't be a problem. We just prefer to use the Gamecube controllers because everyone can pick up on using one much faster than that of the complicated wii-mote.

TF2 is eating up my time, and soon, college will...


Its only complicated to play with a wii mote if you've never played with one b4.(same as any controller really). Also as long as a wii mote is already synched to a wii it takes like no time at all to switch between the two.
Full moon FTW

There's my point, not everyone in the AADLGT has used a wii-mote. I'm not saying everyone has used a gamecube controller either, but in my experience in teaching gaming, it's much easier to adapt to.


/sigh this is still chichi... im using a different computer than usual and i cant remember my uber long name...
on to my reply... my point is that you shouldn't force anybody to use a certain controller(this is most easily solved by making the tournament Bring your own controller)

ummm i saw this at the events list

"The hottest tournament in town continues each month at the Downtown Library! Prizes will be awarded for Super Smash Brothers Melee and Mario Kart Double Dash team and single player events, with the Grand Champion to be chosen on December 20

i hope to god that melee part is a typo...............


my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

What's up guys? This is shin. I just had one question. Is are you guys playing with wii or gamecubes? If its gamecube well umm..... not to sound pretentious but were going make this season abominable for you guys. Also if any of you guys see lain tell him that he can GET pwn in smash melee ( because brawl sucks) whenever :) k guys have a nice day :)

"brawl sucks"

typical from smashers who's all tech ;)

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

lol at chi chi... im sorry your mad and have to make excuses, but the bottom line is all you do is talk trash and never back it up. i think i speak for everyone when i say shut up.. lol!

Shin:Even the great smashers like mewtwo king and Pc chris (have their myspaces) say that brawl is digrace to the smash community. Besides, if im all tech what are you? All noob. Well regardless if your playing with gamecubes or wii's were coming to the the next round. See ya there

In reply to by johninabox (not verified)

What's up man! I see you got pretty good clan this year. Good luck to you guys but to be honest you guys really don't need it.

school tomorrow! get froooed everyone

also, next tourney......extra ownage for you pioneer guys for beating us on friday



my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Well John, I would've posted a couple hours before you, but I was too busy sleeping. That's the brilliance of college. A class here and there.

By the way, Eli, I think the AADL site isn't set to daylight savings time. This post says it was posted at 3:00, though it is 4:00 right now.


clock works fine for me

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

uhh dude actually, seeing as when it came down to the clan battle both arjen and jacob teamed up on me and i still won...easily... that kinda proves that im better than him. If you can't accept that Ill gladly money match him like 100$ in zelda dittos, sheik vs Zelda, C.Falcon vs. Zelda, Jiggs vs. Zelda, Ike vs. Zelda, or Peach vs. Zelda. I'll scrap him everytime. also.... i did better against HarmS than u did, when u had a counterpick char. and a non-neutral stage. Trust me I saw both your falco and MK...they arent even a blip on my radar. Also bud, I talk stuff I can't back up? Kid I was better than u at melee, and I didnt even have a gamecube. the only person of skill u beat was riley... and that was at Mario circuit, thats like me saying that I'm better than juggle guy cause i beat him at spear pillar, or the guy who beat me in FFA saying he was better than me cause he got a dragoon and a final smash. Basically what I'm saying is don't act like you're pro just cause u can c-stick down with MK. Oh and believe it or not Sailor moon really wasn't aimed at kindergarden kids, just the crappy english dub, I mean if u want to talk stuff about anime that you know nothing about I have no problems hoeing you with correct information. Also in case your dyslexic shin's comments a were directed at HarmS and John respectively...
Also i think I talk for every1 when i say quit wasting every1's time and go jump off a cliff.
Also my clocks an hour behind as well XD
Full moon FTW

chi chi... look at the facts man, 1. i never said i was pro, 2. accept that you arnt pro, 3. you cannot hoe someone by knowing more about sailor moon than they do, 4. both jacob and arjan, along with lots of others are better than you at smash. 5. i dont just dsmash with mk 6. if someone got a dragoon and a final smash vs you, it obviosly means that you failed to get them 7. you hada gamecube, 8. i dont trust you, 9. you cannot backup any of your trashtalking. 10. sailor moon sucks. 11. sailor moon sucks. 12. sailor moon sucks. 13. you watch sailor moon

and just to show how annoying your talk is, as a condition to join famn damily they said you couldnt talk. I heard it... lol and arjan never teamed vs you

Haha Chi-Chi, i teamed with you not against you, and yes, you beat me in that round because i do not play zelda and you do, and I would have gotten screwed over if i had been marth :P, i wasnt aiming for first
Your zelda is better than mine, and is one of the best in the aadlgt
however, that does not make you god and does not make you amazing at smash by any means
I agree with funzo that him, me and jacob are better than you at smash, so please stop bragging, lol...
I, unlike funzo, HAVE been in japan and as such, i do know that sailor moon is for girls around the ages of 7-10. =D
Nothing's wrong with sailor moon, just be aware that people have a legit reason to rag you for liking it as you do

On a different note, Librian, gamecube controllers are easily the most preferred at our tourney because of the familiarity with SSBM most people have, and the fact that you can abuse the C-stick to do many offensive and defensive techs that you cannot do with any other controller.

I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

I think I saw chi chi and tub o lard at school today. does anybody else go to huron???

I've never heard about mr. hunter class but that's probably cause i'm a freshman. DO ANYTHING ON COMPUTERS sound like my old school. (scarlett) I was looking at the old comments and is there still a smash club at huron?

Jim is paid for overtime when he works more than 40 hours per week?

find the number of hours jim works overtime when he works 40, 44, 48, 52

help will be appreciated =D

shin, brawl may suck for tech players, and m2k may have said it was a disgrace, but he still plays brawl, if you want i will post some videos of his mk in brawl =D.
I cannot call brawl a disgrace, even if part of me wants to, because the main reasons melee was so great were gliches. I cannot blame them for taking it out, but i wish they used some form of wavedashing and shffling in brawl. btw TRIPPING SUCKS!

For this season I got at least 1 3rd place prize. For the preaseason tourny i got 3rd in teams and the last one i got 3rd in singles. and for clan battles 3rd. :P

My mario kart broke amd I saw Julian today.


mariokart doubledash 4 players...... with 4 good players in a race, is 100 times more exciting then any brawlmatch.

just saying that incase you want to bring back doubledash for the turni...

In reply to by Funzo

I don't play melee anymore (but if I had a copy of it, it's all I'd play).

I'm sure I'm not too rusty though at it. Maybe a few mm'es are in order? ;)

I guess I'll be like talking about scrubs playing brawl during the tourney so that'll be an alright use of my time.

tutu and hot_arms arent here.....

my copy of melee has disappeared for the third time lol

btw looks like im denied against the smashkart tourney once again... i hope ur all happy - @lain - i now know how you feel, not being fully involved i still want you to... "observe" in october, just so i can see you again.

also on the first day of school i saw eric and talked with him for a while (his sons go to my school as well) and we were considering at least having rock band for clan battles, but once again i wont be here this month...SO.....ANGRY...*sigh* anyway, we discussed how after harmonics got bored of guitar hero and sold their rights to activision, while they go ahead and make rock band, which was an even better seller...and it teaches you how to play the drums (sort of).

um yeah enjoy the 20th - much envy on my part, this was on short notice.

p.s., summarize it for me (what you did)


Is lain coming to the next tourny and are shin and omega really good at brawl?

School goes by so slow this year.

huron smashfests ftw

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Sigh no intrnret for 4 days and what do i come back to?
1. ppl pretending that zelda is my main, and judging me accordingly.
2. ppl pretending that i had a cube during last season
3. ppl pretending that i said i was better than arjan(i wouldn't know, ive never played against him with my main, and neither has he, also ill play u in marth dittos(marth is my second best)
4.ppl mistaking me for not being the best zelda in the aadl(which is sad seeing as she isnt even my main, and true, and ill prove via dittos against any1 who wants to pretend otherwise)
5. Also for the most part i only think of Stars whne I think of sailor Moon, so if we are talking classic, R, S, or SuperS, i wouldn't debate the age range, but for stars i would have to put the target age around 12(unless 10 year old girls understand the theme of date rape...)
6. ppl thinking that i believe in god :/ (I'm a proud nihilist)
7. Funzo mistaking what riley and aaron said, they said that i couldn't talk stuff usiing a certain voice
8.If u think i cant back what i say up..., 20$ says ill prove u wrong.
9. And funzo if you want to pretend that watching sailor moon is patehtic... u have to take into account that having no friends is worse...

Full moon FTW

Is there really going to be a huron smashfest?

my glasses are fixed but crooked because one side is loose and the other is tight.

I changed my main to meta knight (zelda is for teams)

and i'm going to get wireless soon =D

By the way, if you have a Steam account, send me an invite: EvilBusDriver
Let me know on this forum so I know who sent me an invite.
I like to play Team Fortress 2 mostly.


I counted how many times i got teamed up on and teamed up on somebody else and it is

teamed with somebody - 3

other people teaming up against me - 11 (not including all the times my friends teamed up on me)

I'm hoping the teaming thing would stop.

lol how ironic lains coming.................and i wont be there.

@lain - i would sell you mine had i not sold it earlier now my siblings went and did something with the one we own

anyway super mario rpg finally made its apperance on the shop channel and i got it!!! XD

rock band for clan battles......i hope (and what about people with no experience playing it?)


Lain, are you going to be in the tournament or are you just going for freeplay?

p.s. I don't know how to do rockband so that will be bad if it's for clan battle

LOL! I love how every1 who said i cant back my talk was too afraid to back up theirs.
Also Eli is there anyway to link my GT account to this one, i cant remember my name for the life of me

first post after school :p

this is dumb lol

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

it said u posted at 1:53

u get out of school early

no fair lol

and who takes band for huron. because there's something on september 20th and i don't know if i have to go or not.

today is the worst day for me. first i left my clarinet somewhere in school, almost missed the bus and hot_arms beat me to the comment by a lot cause i had to watch this little girl and i don't know when school is out anymore. and when i want to get a cheeseburger i always get chicken for some reason and my mario kart double dash broke like ice climbers chain grab,

the first comment thing after school is kinda dumb don't know why i said it.

"my mario kart double dash broke like ice climbers chain grab,"


and yeah, i live 3 miles away from my school, so that + my godly driving skills without getting pulled over = get home fast

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

yea all u noobs posting stupid stuff...... stop, post stuff that will actually help the turny out, go argue about who is a bigger loser on facebook.

alright then, here's something about the tournament. If you don't want a lot of items wait till a dragoon part comes out and make sure nobody get's all 3 then there will basically be no items.

is it mario kart double dash or mario kart wii?

umm why not just agree to turn off items before the match lol

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

i think the tournament should do:
singles-mario kart wii
teams-mario kart double dash
clan battle-mario kart wii

are we going to face the other libraries again because that was fun. so much lag though but that's probably because it's the lowest floor.

I don't know why, but the dragoon pieces and smash ball come right after each other for some reason. (Like in my 2nd teams match) You still suck for that Dale. j/k.

There is an official tier list for brawl out now, look on smashboards if you want to see it, but ill break it down here.


game and watch

diddy kong


ice climbers

toon link
zero suit samus

mid low

pokemon trainer

captain falcon

this is the official list, enjoy

In reply to by johninabox (not verified)

I have a feeling that that tier list is gonna change soon, but that's just IMO.

We should do that again julian =)

and tutu, for the next tournament do you want to do zelda to zelda, no items, final destination?

oh, forgot one more thing

what is johns. did johninabox do something for it to be a word???

I just need to make sure, Friday is the GH and DDR tourney. Saturday is the AADL-GT Round 2, and Sunday is Rock Band... I'm not sure if these are right. Also can someone give me the times? I never got the new newsletter, so I'm clueless about when what is.


evilbusdriver, for the tournament this saturday, it's 12:00-5:00

and if your getting the times in the thing below this comment place with the ddr and stuff it already past.

main whoever is most broken in your top

@tutu, i'd prefer all 3 final destination.. lol but, battlefield and smashville is good stages, so we'll just do that. >:) prepare to get pwnd

I already know about Saturday actually. I was wondering about Friday and Sunday. I'm guessing nothing is happening those days then.


ok, tutu these are the rules.
1 fd, 1 sv, 1 bf
no items

zelda only (untill you say my sheik is the worst you've

and for stocks, you can decide. :)

Asian Invasion is only 1065 points behind first place

all without playing mario kart or doing the clan battle

too good

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

lol that 1065 points=How much Dale got in kart lol,
To Jacob... As a former sheik main... I only have respect for sheik players, also i suck hard at shiek dittos...

is there a facebook group where we can do this?

edit: nvm facebooks dumb now with the new layout


my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

evilbusdriver, ddr is friday (tomorrow) at 6:00 to 8:30 just in case you don't know yet

me and my partner practice against lvl 9 cpu's


everybody in we're better then special ops is going to get uber pwnd in brawl by me >:) lol


steven said he could come but, i have to take him

In reply to by jacob k

where/when are you guys playing, me and dingdong wanna come

also are there any rock band tournaments in the near future?

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

erm, me and my partner both had to face hot_arms. that sucked so much. and hot_arms, is your main snake because if it's not, your main must be really good

p.s. on the results it said jacob k and stehpen h defeated pieheads and arjan and julian defeated fuster we were supposed to face pieheads i

Yeah dale might've passed me for #1 on the leaderboard now

dang whyd my brother have to beat me lol

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

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