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T1_ 1 1_ builders use The best z&Stizi fumber, brick, lime, cement, sand- whatever goes into the construction of a building; they employ only the best workmen and pay the best wages; they get better pnces for their work than tfieir less careful competitors, and always get the best coniracts; they paint their work with Strictly Pure White Lead manufacturad by the " Old Dutch Process " of slow corrosión, and with one of the following standard brands : "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" For colors they use the National Lead Company's Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. These colors are sold in small cans, each being sufficient to tint twenty-five pounds of Strictly Pure White Lead the desired shade. These brands of Strictly Pure White Lead and National Lead Co. 's Tinting Colors are lor sale by the most reliable dealers in paints cverywhere. If you are going to paint, it will pay you to send to us for a boolt containing information that may save you many a dollar: it will only cost you a postal card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Broadway, New Yorlt Chicago Branch, State and Fifteenth Streets. THE EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society. OF TUK UNITED STATES. TIknhï B. Hyde, President. Jajeiss W. Alexandbii, Vice-Pres't. JANUARY 1,1892. ASS15TS $136,198,518 Liabilities 109,905,537 SURPLUS...; $26,292,981 INCOME $39,054,944 MTf 233,118,331 XrCe . .■■■[' 804,894,557 Investment Bonds, Endowment Policies, Ordinary Life Pclicies, Issued on the lives of both male and female and payable to the assured in 10, 15, or 20 years. Any person who will send the date of lus birth will be given an illustration precisely adapted to bis own age and circumstances. W. R. PRICE, Agent. Ann Arbor, Mich. % b e. n 8 [ft S ! ■ '„ ■ O ei G'W I f fel SS Z B i .B'-Ib1 6.3 I ! d S b 9 i ?J p ! 1 ' gG i I 1 3 ffl S " 3 S tö o . W ? P-a CQ - A Smootb Fenco that Will Turn Any Kind of Stock ! ' The Best, and Cheapost Fence for the Farm. Mado iu slzee f rom il to 5S iuehes high, either iüüvauized or pain teel. Cali and Examine It A nd j'ou will buy no other. M. Staebler, Ann Arbor. g" f The RocKer Washer -ja'L _ hs proved tlio most satisfoctory il] of any Woshor over placed upon HE SSaBStl tlie niark(itl. It; is waiTantcd to fe7 85 MoïJJR as cloan as can bo rLs RC'CK,EtRwVI?m!R C0' Vm"' Liberal mduccQiouts to live agtiüts.


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