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The fcwenty-flfth animal meeting of the Charitable Union was held on Thursday afternoon, March 2d. The following ofHcers were elected by ballot for the ensuing year: President, Mis. Celia Jaycox: secretary, Mrs. M. L. D'Ooge; treasurer, Mrs. Philip Bach. Mrs. Phebe Steele was elected vicepresident by acclamation. Mrs. J. M. Wheeler, Mrs. Eliza R. Sunderland, Mrs. J. C. Knowlton, Mrs. Benjamin Day, Mis. A. B. Prescott. and Mrs. Gilbert were appointed as au executive board. The ward committees were appointed as follows: First ward- Mrs. Jaycox, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. J. M. Gelston. Secofcd ward- Mrs. Bach and Mrs. Douglass. Third ward- Mrs. Junius Beal, Mrs. Riley. Fourtli ward- Miss Henping, Mrs. lï. A. Beal, Mrs. J. C. Knowlton, and Mrs. Parker. Fiftb ward- Miss Brown. ' Sixth ward- Mrs. Butts, Mrs. Steelej Mrs. Dr. Abel. An amendment to the constitution was adopted, changing the name from Ladies' to Women's Charitable Union. Report of the secretary of the Charitable Union for the year ending March, 1893. Another twelve nionths have passed away,and we are brought to the twentyüf th annual meeting pi the Charitable Union. During a quarter of a century it has carried on its labors of love and mercy, blessing, and may we not also say, receiving blessing. It would indeed be difficult to estimate the good accomplished and the amount of suffering relieved during these years. The past year has been one of less activity than usual. Fewer visits have been made and received and fewer families assisted. We believe, however, this is due not to'any decrease of interest in the work of the union, but rather to the f act that not so many as heretofore have been in need of assistance. There have always been both money and clothing which could be distributed, if needed. By the ward committees 137 visits have been made upon the poor and 74 visits have b.een received. Between 35 and 40 families have been assisted. Second hand clothing valued at SS6.50 has been given to those in need, in addition to $-5.00 wortli of new clothing, which was purchased at the sewing school and distributed. During the ear $40.00 worth of clothing bas been ted to the union. AVe wish to express ourthanks to the Sunday schools of the Methodist and C'ongregational churches for gifts at Christmas time. Through the kindness of many friends we were enabled to distribute 29 Thanksgiving dinners. Special donations have also been received f rom Mrs.Angell,Mrs.R.A.Beal, Mrs. Elisha Jones, and from Schairer & Millen. As heretofore the city papers have been most kind in publishing all our notices free of expense. During the past twelve months there has not been a great amount of sickness among our beneficiaries. Whenever medicines have been needed, they have been bought. Owing to home duties Miss Brown has been able to hold the sewing schoo' only üve months of the year. Itis now again in session, and will doubtless be as usef ui as in preceding years. The average attendance at our rnonthly meetings has been small, numbering but eight. Generally it is only the officers and members of the ward committees who are present. This has doubtless been in part dus to the inclement weather and very diflicult walking which have prevailed during the winter, but we wouldgladly welcome a larger number. Before closing this report, mention should be made of the serious accident which, since our last meeting, has happened to our vice-president. Mrs. Steele has been connected with the union from its very beginning, and with the exception of Mrs. Gilbert is the only lady now in Ann Arbor of whom this is true. In 1877 she was chosed secretary, and held this office until 1882. In 1883 she was made vicepresident. and has continued in this position until the present time. She has been one of the executive board or on the ward committees since 1876 and notwithstanding her advanced age has been active in her labors for the poor. We shall greatly miss her at the monthly meetings, at which, when possible, she never failed to be present. It is pleasant to remember that she presided at the February meeting. We are told that the poor we shall always have with us, and therefore we are sure there will be no laek of work for this organization during the next quarter of a century. We trust abundant means will be contributed, that the good work may not be hampered by any lack of funds, and also that wisdom may be given to those in charge, that they may direct the work as shall be for the best advantasre.


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