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A HOUSEKEEPER'S PROTEST. Showing up the Bogus Baking Powder Tests. Au exchange, referring to the schemes of the baking powder testers, who are going through various sections of the state, gives a letter from a housekeeper, exposing the fraudulent character of the performance. Mrs. Page, says our exchange, writes that she was recently visited by the lady agents of a powder which she did not use, who attempted to show her by JoiliDg and stewing it that there was something wrong about the brand she does use, the Royal. JSTo amount of manipulation, however, succeeded in doing this. The Royal went through all tests triumphantly and without a flaw, and the tester acknowledged herself beaten. The tester then took a can of Royal from her pocket and from ;hat produced almost ahything she called for. She said that she had made this test before many housekeepers, and had by it induced them to tHrow away the Royal. "11 y opiniĆ³n is," writes Mrs.1 Page, "that this testing is a fraud. It was evident to me that the sample of Koyal she drew from her pocket had been doctored for the purpose of making these tests, and I cannot see how any sensible housewife could be so readily fooled. I believe also that where they can they slip some substance into the tin in which they boil the water and powder. When they are watched too closely aud cannot do it, then they produce the small can expressly prepared for the purpose."' The women who are performing these alleged tests are, perhaps, innocent of the great fraud in which they are participants, but no censure is too severe for the employers who thus use them to do illicit work which they dar e not themselves perform, and which has brought them before the courts elsewhere.


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