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LANSING, Mareta 1.- The two houses met 1 n joint convenlion Tuesday evening atul participated in memorial' exercises in honor of exPresident Hayes and ex-Gov. Henry P. Baldwin. Lieut. Gov. Giddings presided, and eulogies upon the ex-president were delivered by President James B. Angelí, ■ of the Michigan university. Senator Sabln, of Centerville, and Morrow, f Adrián, and Representatives Kline, of Aun Arbor and Newkirk. of Lake. Hon. Wllliam R Hales, of Detroit, delivered the principal address on the Hfe and eharacter of ex-Gov. Baldvvin, whose private sem-tary hB was for a number of years, and addresses were also made hy Senators Gibboii of Detroit and Doran of Grand Kapids and Representativas Barkworlh of Jackson and Dovock of Detroit. The house ludiciary committee reponed in favor of the bill for a constitutional convefition to meet October 3, 18U3, limiting the time to sixty days nid the membership to 100. The rules were suspended for plaeing it upon its immedtate passage, out some objection being made, its eonsidoration went ver. LAK8INO, Marob 1.- Bills were introduced in the house amendlng the charters of Gludstone md Bessemer eounlies in the upper península, and submltting a constitutional amendment authorizing (rand Rapids to bond itselffor impro vemen ts, Favorable repons were made upou a liill providing for female suffrage and to prohibit ualking on any rallroad track of the state. Joint memorial services in honor of James ;. Blaine were held in representatie hall in the evening. ApproprJate addresses were made by Gov. Kich, Associate Justice MoGrath, of the supreme couri, and several members frem both houses of the legislatura Lancino. Marón a -The house passed the Gladstone, Cass City, Gobuleville, Thompsonville, Tustin. Standish and Bay City charter billa, and they were given inmiediale effect The judiciary committee made a favorable report on the house joint resolmion for the submlssion of constitutional amoudments for a state and county road commissioner System. Lansing, March a- The bill providing for the Rhines vote recorder was tlie subject of a long discussion in the house, out pending its llnal passage itwent back to the judiciary committee. The house passed a bill making an approprlation of Ï165,000 lor the matntenanoe of Hu' soldiers' home for the yeara [893 and 1894. Representativa Barkworth again presentad the protest whlch he offered two weeks ASO agalMt the resolution adopted by the republiciin majority condemning the lynching of negroes in the south. Speaker Tatum agaln niied the protest outof order because of its beinfreouched in unparllamentary and disrepulable language, and by a vote of tli house uil referenoe to the matter was expnnged trom the journal. Mr. Barkworth claims thls to be a denial of bis constitutional rights and ruling and the basis lor mandamus prooeedings to be commenced in the supreme eourt next week to compel the speaker to receive the protest and order it printed in the jourual. Lansjng, March 4.- The house was the scène of a moat sensational and personal debate between Speaker Tatum and Representative Ewing during the consideration of Representative Barkworth's protest agaiust eipuiiging trom Prlday's journal all reference to bis previous protest relativeto he action of the house in adopting the Fergusoñ resolution condemning the lynching of negroes in the south. As there was barely a quorum present, and the democrats refrained from voting, the motion to expunge all reference to Representativa Barkworth's latest protest did not prevalí, lesa than a quorum voling. Lansjng, March 6. -In committee of the whole the house passed a joint resolution proposing amendments to the constitution flxing the compensation of membersof the legisla ture at $750 per term; providing for ulilizing the labor of convicts on highways: eonsolidating the vülage of Fort (ratiot with ■the city of Port Huron, and reducing the time within which bilis, rnay be introduced in the legislature from flfty to thirty-tive days. The Australian ballot bill íeceived favorable consideration, and the house agreed to a joint resolution subxnitting tlie constitutioual amendment granting municipal suffrage to women. It was made a special order for March 18. Sonate. Lansixg, Maroh 1.- The senate refjsed to concur in Ihe report oí the committee on state affairs recommending the appointment oï i, joint committee to confer vith a liUe committee from the legislaturc of Wisconsin with a view to securing the enactment of uniform Kume laws in the two states. The rnajority of the committee on elections reports favorably on the bill providing that the candidates' riamos sfiall appear but once on the official ballot, thereby rendering fusión between political parties ineffective. An adversa report was made on billa providing central boards of control of state instilutions, the Sentiment belng in favor of a return to the separate board system whieh prevailed previous to 1891. Ameudmenls to the state constitución weit' suggested bj the commission appointcd by the Èroveraor to report necessary lerislatiou for the improvement of the public highways. LAN.siNfi, March i. -The senate Indulged in a long and heated discussion apon the McLaughlin bill providing an annttal tax of one-üftb of a mili for the support of the Michigan umversity. lt was amencum -so as to read one-sixth of a mili and passed by a vote of 18 to 11. It will bring to the instituí ion about Y188.(XX) annuaíly. Othcr bilis were passed establishing a state board of control for the state public school at Coldwnter, and authorizing BayCityto borrow money for the completion of the city hall. The senat' fftlled to pass the world's fair appropriation bill or make any material progresa toward its passage. The world'ö fair appropriatiom bill was introduced and passed the house early in the session. lt provided for an additional appropi-iation of 850,000 and an addition of two members to the commission. In tlie senate" the bill enine before toe committee on appropriations, of whlch Senator Burt is a meuilirr. he succeeding in gettlnp the committee to recommend that the .minuut he reduced lo 520,003; The senat1 rofusod u concur in the amendment. LANS1NG, March 3. - Arter a discussion lastingseveral liours in the sonate the world's fair appropriation was cut to $30, 000 from Ï5D,000 and then the bill failed to pass, laoking one vote, twelve votes belng recorded against it The vote was reconsidored and tlie bill lai on the lablr. A bill wan reported from commiltee appropriating for establlahing a home for the feeble minded on the cottage colony plan. LANBlNOi March 4. - Only bQBlne'ss of minor impórtame was transacted in the senate on Saturday. Lansxno, March fi.- The senate passed ilic bill making an appropriation of 470,000 for the support of the industrial home for girls for the years 1898 and 1884; also approprlatlng 103,000 for the support of the state normal school for the yrars 1893 ai.d 1894.


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