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Joy Turned To Grief

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Bay City, March 8.- Probabiy 0.000 persons gatheretl at the F. W. Wheeler & Co. shipyard on Thursday to witness the laying of the Keel' of the Centurión, the lOOth boat built by that company. The occasion was made one of great rejoieing-. The yards and vessels were handsomely decorated. and everyone feit in good spirits over the event. After the ceremony had been performed, Mr. Wheeler was presented with a solid sil ver table sot by bis employés. The crowd Uien assem bied around the slipwfiere the lare wooden schooner Mary McLanghlin awaited launching. Diiring this a terrible accident occurred. wliich resulted in the death of one man and the injuring1 of many others. The steamer Forbes was in the slip into whieh the schooner plunged, on her upper deck a bout a dozen men and boys. The smlden descent of the schooner caused the steamer to careen and when she ïecovered her keel the lnrch broke the rail and threw a mass of Btrugfglinjy people into the water. They feil arnid l;roken ice and plankslthat had been carried down by the schooner. As soon as possible the work of reselle befran and in five minutes the followinjf had been taken from the water: Fred Babcook, palnter, West Bay Ci'.y, left legand arm broken: WUUam BatUsWU, palmer, West B:vy City, sltull unisüed, has since dted; Georste Clark, freight ;ii.'int, West Bay City, wounds about the hcart and Internally in jured: GeorRe Doyle, saw filer, Kay City, i-ight" leg brolten, gash in head and Internally in jured; John Grandmaison, Jü years nld. nrm broken; Kmerson Harmon. maohinist, liay City, ncarly drowned; Abvam Johnson, carpeuter, Bay City, .inn broken.


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