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The Adventista have elected O. A. Olsen, of Baltic Creek, president. The Young Men's Christian assooiation has thirty-one orn-ani?; ations in the state. ■ Miss Eliza Haber t, 'Au: wealthiest woinan in Salnaw, died Sunday night of heart fallare. Kalamazoo footpads held up 'and robbed Charles II. Stevens, of Grand Rapids, securing 5350. Mr.s. Mary J. Gould, of Greenville, committsd suicide at Traverse City. She was tbought to be insane. At the age of 105 years Anna Robliski, of Uranch county, enjoys good health and is able to do alittle work. A loss of 517,000 was caused by the burning of the dry kiln of the Palmerton Woodenware Works Monday night. Just after execuling his pension papers on Saturday, William C. Conklin, aged ü0 years, dropped dead at Paw Paw. The bad outlook of the ore market has caused a reduction of the emf-loyes of the Norrie iron men at Ironwood of froni 8 i0 to 400 men. BaUle Creeji was shocked on Friday on leiiiDing1 that Miss Helen Wing, a teacher in the public schools, had dropped dead of apoplexy. „ Martha Schramm has secm-ed a verdict for S400 in a suit against the city of Saginaw for $10,000 for damages for injuries received throug-h a defective sidewalk. A wagon upset ntar West Bay City, throwing George Shirkey, a lad of 8 years, on to a pile oí vvood. He was so badly crushed that he died within hours. Leo McC'ardy, of Ann Arbor. 5 years old, was killed Thursday night by being caught in the fly wheel of the Street car power engine. His sknll was crushed. Philo Kuehn, convicted twice of the murder of Wesley McDonald, in 1891, has been sentenced on the second conviction to eigliteen imprisonment at Jackson. Men in the vicinity of Saginaw, who were drafted during the war, are now asking the legislatura to pass a bilí requiring the state to ref und raoney paid by them to substitutes. A donation of 820,000 has been made by Silas Hubbard to the lTnitarian Society, of Kalamazoo. It is to be applied to the erection of a church, to be kept open every day in the ye ar. Since last Thursday H. G. Carpeater, of East Jordán, has lost three children from black diphtheria, wliich disease is raging at that pointto such an extent as to cause the closing of the schools. Republican judicial nominations: First district, Víctor H. Lañe; Fifth, Clement Smith; Eighth. Frank D. M. Davis; Ninth, George M. Buck; Fifteenth, Ilucrh 1'. Stewart; Twentyfourth, P. F. Dodds. Rey. Henry L. Hammond, vho dropped dead from heart disease at Chicago, Friday nilit, locatcd at Detroit upon corainf west in 18-42. organizing- the First Congregational church, and was its pastor until 1850. From 1850 to 1850, he was pastor of the Conn-reg-ational church at Grand Espida.


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