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BUSINESS DÏKECTORÏ. ) A MAC LACHLAN, M. P. ! :m asefe o{ the y EAU, NOSE aii THJiOA V 'm Iliim--" m Ulook. Heslcence26 S i ív mi n S;n i-a. I ' ' a 6:3O to 7:3O p. m. I US'J ; K o i II JC I'EACK nú Notary Public 'orvejanring doneaad iRAL RSTATfi bought and s .'1 oh commiion. Patronagu solicite.! . Ño. 6 N.MainSt. ATTORNEYS. CHAMKIi. s, CHAMKK. CRAMEE & CKAMER, ATTOKNLVS AT LAW. ' )Bce: Front room over First National Bank ann akbok, mich. h b. no1íkis Attokney at Lavv. Does a general lawcollectionand cooveyancng business. A moderate shareof yourpaionage reBpeetfully solicited. Ofllce in the 2ourt House. n K. WILLIAMS, Utorne? at Law and Pension Claim AttorneT . MILAN, MICH. Conveyaneing and Collections. DENTISTS. r OUIS P. HALL, DENTIST. Office South State street. Over Sheebnn 3ook Store. Hours Ü a. m. to 12 and S p. m. to5 p. m. yT W. NÍCH0LS D. D., DENTIST. In tbc old St. James Hotel Block. Teeth extracted wltboüt pum oy the use of ritalizedair. A C.N1CH0LS. DENTIST Inte oí Nicbols Bros. Over Adams's Bazaar No. ]; South Main street. IV G. BLTITS, JUbTICE OF THE PEACE. Koal Estáte and Collection Agent. Offick: In Masonic Bloek. QK. A BI .TLYNN, 3FFICK. No. 8 East Huron Street. KESIDENCE, No. 9 North First Street. Hours-9 to 1O:3O a. m. 1 to 3 p. m. 6;3O to 7:3O p. m. TONY SCHIÍPPACASSb, NO. 5. N. MAIN 8TEET. FRUITS, NUTS and OONIEOTIONERY TOBACCOS AND CIGAKS, Oj'sters and all kinds of fruit ALWAYS OIST KJLOiq-D. MARTIN & FISCHER. PBOPRIETORS OF THE WESTERN BREWEIIY, AXX A.RBOB, MICHBrewers of Pure Lasrer Beer. CLEVELAND and HARBISON OF SAME OPINIÓN rhattheE.L. O'CONNOR CO. can make the lame, with short legs, from 2 to lü inches, look like other people ; wear shoes alike. Ño clumsy c-ork or iron. Send for price. 167-168 Wabash Avenue Chica III. M. P. VOGEL, DEALER IH Presli, Salt aacl Smoked Jleat s And g-ame in season. 22 E ■ÏXJïaOlsr STTIBBT ÍCEÍ All persons wishing to order pure and clear ice should order it of J. ANDRÉS Box 1110, Ann Arbor. Orders by postal card promptlj attended to. Seton Hall College. CATHOLIC. Soxith Orange New Jersey. ünaurpaased for healthfuluess of location clegance of buildings, general equipment and excellence of instruction. FOUNDED 1856. Send tor prospectas and book of pbotographic ylews. REV. WM, F. MARSHALL, President. NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. House, Sigh, Onamenal ahd Fresco Paister, ilding, ealcimining, glazmg and paper hang ing. AU work is done in the beet style and warranted to g i ve satisfaction. l C. Scott, dealer in Kelleylíland aml Wliite Lime, Hnir, Calclued Piaster, Louisvillc and Portland Cementa. Office and Ware Rooms in the Finnegan Block, Detroit Street, Ann Aibor. JVote.- We aro the only ttrm that handles eth (fenuine Kelle; Island Lime in thisolty.


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