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And He Got It Cheap

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Here is aa anecdote that J. Seaver Page tells of a "close cali" he had soon af ter Russell Sage had his ' 'cloĆ­fe cali :" " A wild eyed rnan, with liis hair somewhat tumbled, entered our store, aud -walking uptoone of the salesmen held a can out at arm's length and said, 'I want a quart er vermilion, and I want it quick.' The salesman eyed his visitor sharply and then said nervonsly : ' Y-yes, sir. W-wait a minnit and 1-111 find it for you.' He ran into my office and cried out excitedly: 'Mr. Page, there's a rnan out there with a can of dynamite. and he says he wants a quarter of a million!' 'Well, go teil trim I'll be out in a moment ' said I. The wild eyed man was still standing in the center of the store holding out the can when I carne out. 'What is it you want, my friend'r' said I very nervously. "The man was beginning to get angry. 'A quart er vermilion,' he shouted, 'and I want it pretty quick.' 'Will you take a check?' No. What do I want with a check? I teil you I want a quart er vermilion.' 'Say that again, and saw it slow,' I said. 'A - quart - of - vermilion,' said the man. 'Oh!' I exclaimed, intensely relieved and wiping perspiration beads f rom my brow. 'Here, get ' this man a quart of vermilion and don't charge Tiim anything for it.' "-


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