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General Sherman's Individuality

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In one of Lawrence Hutton"s articles on deathmasks he speaks incidentally of General Sherman's strong individuality, which causes a certain sculptor to remark: "When I was busy with a bust of General Sherman and saw him every day, it was a curious fact that he made positively no personal impression upon my mind. I admired liim and revered him, but it was hard work to remember that he himself was there. I stood on the corner watching his funeral with the rest of the crowd. I was interested "in looking at the notables, and I sincerely grieved for the greatf man's death. But do you know at the moment the hearse was drawn past me my attention was completely absorbed by some idle incident of the occasion. Only at the last second did I think: 'There it is again. I cannot even rivet my attention upon him while his dead body is passing by ' "


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