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The sixth animal convention of the Washtenaw County S. S. Association was held in the First Congregational church at Ann Arbor, Hich., Tuesday and Wednesday last, Maren 21st and 22nd, and was called to order by the secretary, Rev. S. T. Morris. Rev. Mr. Morey took charge of the meeting. Mrs. A. B. Stevens, of Ann Arbor, heartily welcomed the delegates. Rev. Mr. Morey preached from the words, ':Bear ye one another'sburdens." At 9 o'clock, Wednesday, Rev. O. C. Bailey led the devotions, entered into with earnestness and spirit. The president's report was brief but earnestly wrged increased effort and dilligence in this great work. From the secretary's report which f ollowed we gather the following f acts and statistics, which ought to be of interest to every Christian and especially every Sunday school worker in the county: There are 678,000 children of school age in Michigan, of whom 286,430 are in protestant Sunday schools - considerably less thau one-half. On the basis of a population of 2,000,000 in the state, and 47,000 in Washtenaw, that would make the school population of this county 14,000. Of these about one" third are reported in Sunday schools. "Only 41 reports were received by the secretary, giving the following totals: "Whole number of denominations represented 9, of which tlie Methodist Episcopal have 12, Congregationalists 9, Baptists 7, Presbyterians 3, Evangelical Lutherans 2, Friends 1, Universalista 1, Undenominational 6. Total, 41. "Six of these schools oniy have teachers' meetings, and only four engage in house-to-house visitation. "Number of offlcers and teachers 645, number of pupils 4,486. Total, 5,117; average attendance, 3,254; number added to the chnrch from the Sunday school the past year, 141. "The financial showing of the 41 schools is as follows: Aruount contrixited for missions $535.44, for cOunty and state work $74.47, for home expenses 1,842.57. '-A comparison with the last two conventions might not be without interest- 1891- Ypsilanti: Schools reporting 13, number of offlcers and teachers 208, total enrollment 1,909. 1892- Chelsea: Number of schools raporting 32, officers and teachers 533, total enrollment 4,083. 1893 - Ann Arbor: Number of schools reporting 41, number of offlcers and teachers 645, total enrollment 5,117. "Home Study of the Lesson" was the subject of a very suggestive paper read by Mr. S. R. Crittenden,of Saline. Vlr. Crittenden was followed by Mr. M. ft. Keynolds, of Hillsdale, who read a 31-actical paper on "Thoroughness." Mrs. A. M. Wiltse, of Dexter, read a paper of unusual interest on "Young L'eople's Societies and the Sunday School; their Mutual Obligations." Her central thought was that young peoplé's societies exist that the young may be brought to Christ. The following offlcers were elected: President, O. C. Bailey, Chelsea. Vice-pres, Prof. W. S. Perry, Ann Arbor. Secretary, S. T. Morris, Dexter. Treasurer, Mrs. W. W. Beman, Ann Arbor. EXECUTIVE COSISIITTEE. E. F. Mills, Ann Arbor. W. J. Canfield, Ypsilanti. F. E. Pierce. Dexter. S. E. Crittenden, Saline. Mrs. T. L. Iddings, Manchester. TOWSTSHIP PRESIDENTS. Lyndon, Chas. Canfleld, Chelsea. Dexter, Wm. Wood, Chelsea. Webster, Ray J. MeColl, Delhi Mills. Northfield, E. E. Leiand, Leiand P.O. Salem, Geo. S. Wheêler, Salem. Sylvan, Rev. Thos. Holmes, D. D , Chelsea. Lima, Lewis Freer, Chelsea. Scio, W. C. Clark, Dexter. Aun Arbor, Mrs. A. B. Stevens, Ann Arbor. Superior, Geo. McDougal, Ypsilanti. Sharon, Wm. Mouut, Sharon. Freedorn, Rev. Paul Irion, Manchester. Lodi, F. C. Wood, Saline. Fittsfleld, W. J. Canfield, Ypsilanti. Ypsilanti, W. H. Lay, Ypsilanti. Manchester, H. C. Leason, Manchester. Bridgewater, Thos. VanGeason, Clinton. Saline, A. C. Clarke, Saline. York, B. F. Gooding, York. Augusta, Harvey S. Day, Willis P.O. The committee on resolutions reported the following: Your committee would suggest the following: 1. That it is desirable to have normal classes tor the study of the Bible, and methods of work in all our schools, where practicable. 2. That we eommend to the consideration of all our schools the Loyal Sunday School Army Ad vanee Movement in grading and giving certiücates. 3. That we tender our hearty thanks to President Morey and Secretary Morris for their very arduous and efficiënt work, which has resulted in a very greatly improved condition of the reports. 4. That we express our appreciation of the cordial welcome and generous entertainment given us by the Christian workers of Ann Arbor, and our obligation to the Congregational society for the use of their church during tliis convention. 5. That the sincere thanks of this convention are due and hereby exprested to Mrs. E. A. Hough, of Jackson, for the able manner in which she has led the music of the convention. L. N. Moon, J. W. WjUGHT, II. D. Almendinger, Committee. Eev. Dr. Coburn held for thirty minutes the closest attention of the audience to the subject, "Hints as to the best way to study the Bible." Dr. Coburn made the following points which he atnplified and enlarged upon in a thorough manner: 1. Kead the Bible throngh. ( 2. Eead it by topics. 3. Study with concordance and commentary in hand. 4. Study it vvith the new version. 5. Let all your reading and travel serve to illustrate the Bible. 6. Study with prayer. 7. Study with reference to the personal needs of your scholars. Prof. B. A. Hinsdale closed an earnest and scholarly address on "Some Pedagogical Suggestions to Sunday School Teachers" with the following order, in which he said the Bible should be presented to the mind: 1. Teach the Christ story. 2. Teach the Apostolic story or the story of the early church. 3. Teach, lastly, the Old Testament story, or that of the history of the Jewish church. "Infant Class "Work'" was the subject of a very practical talk to primary teachers by Mrs. E. H. Corkill, of Jackson. Convention adjourned. Secretary.


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